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Up wind

in a way, out of all the elements, wind would have to be the most important to mankind, for the simple fact that without air, we would have a hell of a job breathing.

all the elements are equal, for that is how we get balance in nature

without that balance, we would be stuffed like a turkey

working with air is quite easy, for air is a multi adaptable element

it works with fire, and water and earth, in many different ways

and so it is, that learning to share with the air spirit is very easy.

most people choose sometime that represents the air spirit, this can be anything you feel drawn to

for this exercise tho, i will use a bowl

now, the problem that a lot of people have is that although we need air to survive, it is also one of the most ignored elements around us, hence immense air pollution

air energy is the energy of merging and adaptability, a light energy, yet awesomely powerful, we can fly planes thru it, using the air as support while the engines push us thru the skies and yet the air would not hold us up if the engines cut out

the air spirit uses scents and fragrances to talk with us and so it will take some practise to learn to hear and sense the air spirit,

this is done by using breathing techniques.

instead of just breathing in and out, try breathing each breath as a breath, feeling the sensation of the air entering and leaving your body, allowing your senses to explore the ranfe of feelings that you get.

let the air energy lift you, let your body become light,, like air, free to drift and move freely like air currents

( you can do this exercise with mist or steam too)

allow your essence to merge with the air, your energy and body becoming light and flowing, dancing with air spirit is a unique and truly awesome experience.

air spirit uses air pressure to guide you at times when you do this exercise,

accept your spirit was part of the air spirit, and let the energy become part of the energy flowing around you, you have the power to move the air and it has the power to move you too.

as you become accustomed to this exercise, you will find that you getter even lighter still and you will get the sensation of floating on air, well, you may not realise it, but you will be starting to levitate.

by working and sharing with the air spirit, you are releasing the weight of your body and taking the strain off it

levitation is achieved, by two things,

one, working with air spirit so that air spirit can support you and merge energies together, lightening you and letting the air grow dense enough to support you and lift you up

I can rarely tell you much about working with air spirit cos it is a technique that is different for every body, but i wish you the best of luck with it.

please remember to respect air spirit and you will be respected