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water is the basic need of the world, without it, we would have a real bad case of the dry horrors, but also we use it for cleansing and refreshing ourselves.

take a small to medium bowl of water, any water, salt or fresh water and sit in a quiet and comfortable place

this can also be done at a pool or in the bath

you do not have to meditation to do this exercise.

look into the water for a few minutes and relax, let your mind drift,

take a finger and gently place it in the water, the water will wrap and your finger and caress it, let that feeling feel you, the essence of the water is talking with you, relax till you feel like you are swimming in the water, feeling it move around you and support you, water is a playful spirit essence and very gentle.

if you can, visualise in your head a place where you can swim,

it can be anywhere that you wish.

look into the water and ask for the spirit of water, water is a beautiful spirit and takes many forms and shapes, when you feel that you see water, talk, ask permission to merge with the water

then once you have that permission, move slowly into the water, feeling it caress you and accept you into its arms, move as flowing as the water does, with easy even movements,

ask for the water spirit to help you cleanse body mind and spirit, accept the water into your body where it removes all the toxics in your body and refreshes you

do not be afraid to dive under the water, you are safe, no harm can come to you in this place

learn to understand that, even if you canít swim, that the water spirit will not let you suffer in any way

accept the water energy into you and let it merge with your energy, water energy is like our energy, it flows freely and easily if we let it do so.

any time that you will * dirty* or *invaded* use the essence of water energy to flow over and thru your aura, washing away the grime and grit of living and you will soon be feeling refreshed and renewed

do not forget to give thanks to the spirit of water, the spirit is your friend as much as you can be its friend