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All psychic abilities require some visualization.

That visualization can be images, sounds, ideas, or stories.

If you have trouble visualizing, try some playful childhood activities.

 Play pretend, or act out scenes in storybooks.

Create an imaginary world to explore.

Play with them when you’re feeling good, relaxed, and want to have some fun.

Get enthusiastic! Dress the part.

Share your excitement with nearby children.

Create a Land

Create an imaginary land in your mind.

 It can be anything - a jungle, a desert, a crater on Mars, or an underwater city.

Make it something that excites you and interests you.

Decide how big you want it to be, and who else is there with you.

Start to explore it, looking for anything and everything interesting.

If you work better by writing, write down a description of it, as a poem or a story.

Make it as detailed as you can. Describe it to a friend.

Do anything you can to remember your land.

Come back to it often and add details and new ideas to it.

 If you tire of one area, create a new interesting one. Play in it!

Read a Book

Find a child's storybook about adventures and surprises.

The 6-9 years age group will probably have some good ones.

The more silly and adventurous the book is, the better.

 One with lots of pictures will help if you have trouble specifically with pictures.

As you read the book, make the scenes from the book as vivid as possible in your thoughts.

 Really get into the book and laugh with it.

Be willing to let yourself feel like a child, and bring back the creative excitement of childhood.

Read the book aloud to any nearby children.

Practice being a storyteller, using creative cartoon-like voices.

Give every character its own body language and tones.

Use crayons to draw pictures of each character showing its personality.

Add another character and imagine how it would interact with the others.

Enjoy yourself!