Understanding Astral Projection
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Astral Projection


Astral projection means projecting your awareness to the astral plane.

The astral plane is a world made of energy that can be shaped by thought and emotion.

 In the astral plane, a person can create objects and communicate with other beings, both humans and


Remote Viewing is a form of projection, just like astral projection.

The difference is that it takes you to a physical location instead of an astral one.

Astral Projection vs. Out of Body Experiences

Astral projection and out of body experiences are not the same.

Leaving the body and astral projection are different forms of travel.

The astral plane is one of many places a person can go when out of body or when projecting.

Astral projection can happen while still in body and awake.

This book focuses on interacting with the astral plane through visualization.

This works while you are awake and not out of body. It will not cover out of body experiences.

Astral projection requires feelings like daydreaming and being creative because they trigger psychic


 You may feel at first that you are imagining what you see.

That's ok. In time, you will change from imagining it to perceiving it accurately.

The level of danger is less than normal physical life.

You might run into someone who will get angry with you for no apparent reason.

However, as long as you don't go looking for trouble, such occurrences are unlikely.

Even if someone doesn't like you, they're unlikely to do anything more than give you a minor headache.

Contrary to some common myths, you can not die from leaving your body or from projection.

 You can not be trapped out of your body.

 Demons will not take over your body while you're gone.

If you get anxious or stressed, you'll just wake up naturally, like from a nighttime dream.

Visualization Method

Choose an astral place that you would like to visit.

 Create a place if you think it does not already exist.

If you want to visit a friend's astral home, hold the image of your friend, emotionally or visually, in your


Relax and daydream.

Think of the place you would like to visit.

 If other thoughts interfere, notice them, let them go, and return to the picture.

Continue until it becomes very clear.

You will use this place as an anchor point to return to later.

Become aware of seeing, feeling, and hearing the place, including as many senses as possible.

Stay open to any information that enters your mind, no matter how odd or unrelated it may seem.

Some astral places are relatively normal.

 Others are extremely odd and may change frequently.

As you examine each image, use it to find other images.

Over time, you will get images more quickly and see more.

Once maintaining the picture is easy, change it somewhat.

Add a tree, or move things around; whatever you imagine will change it in that way.

Pick up an object and resize it, change its color, change its density, and then return it to normal.

Reshape that area of the astral plane.

Practice until you are very comfortable doing this.

Learn to change your shape.

Walk, fly, swim, and examine the details of many objects.

The next step in astral projection is traveling to places other people have created.

 You succeed at this when you don't let your preconceptions change your views of them.

 In some areas, the things people have created maintain themselves so others can not change them.

In other areas, your thoughts can change what is actually there.

Uses of Astral Projection

Astral projection is useful for practicing perceptive and creative psychic abilities, especially telepathy.

It also works as an energy source to assist healing.

It lets you explore concepts that don't fit into the regular world, such as four or five dimensional space.

Exploring other people's astral creations and creating your own can be quite fun.

Whatever you can imagine, you can play with on the astral plane.

Soul joining is also possible.

Because you can change shape astrally, you can become fog-like.

 If several people do this, it is possible for them to overlap their soul energy, and eventually their souls.

This can be a very intimate experience emotionally and nearly always creates a strong telepathic


 It's difficult to remain in the astral plane when doing this if you aren't already good at projecting.

For people who are very comfortable projecting and comfortable with each other, it can be a very joyous