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The 'tree' is dynamic life itself, the result of HEAVEN,

EARTH, and WATER; it is the feminine, nourishing,

sheltering image of the Great MOTHER, rooted in the earth

and reaching toward the heavens, evocative of eternity.

An evergreen symbolizes immortality, and the Tree of Life

and the Tree of Knowledge are both in Paradise.

If you feel like connecting with a tree -

as you sit at your computer. . .

Close your eyes . . .

Visualize a tree . . .

whose branches extend around and through

planet Earth connnecting with everything . . .

forming grids . . .

linking everything . . .





The 'Tree of Life'

which creates all things in the Universe.

Become One with your 'Tree'. . .

You are tall and strong . . .

You are the 'Tree of Life' . . .

Experience the universe from the point of view of being

that 'tree of creation'!!

Create a universe - one in which can you manifest

whatever you want!!

If you are feeling analytic -

see if you can determine why you created the universe

the way you did!