Totem Animals
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CREATOR. There is no one animal that always represents the Creator. The Creator dances in all animals. The same holds true for minerals and plants. The Creator is part of everything and everything is part of the Creator.

. TORTOISE. The animal totem for this stone is the tortoise. Lessons we can learn from tortoise are ancient wisdom, experience, patience and endurance.

. LIZARD. Lizard is the animal totem for this stone. From him, we learn adaptability, optimism and good cheer.

LOON. Loon is the totem for this stone. We can learn about mystery, transformation, fidelity and maneuverability from Loon.

TURTLE. Stone 5 has the Turtle as its totem. From the turtle, which is one of the four elemental clans (element of Earth), we learn honor, ancient wisdom, stability and protection.

FROG. Frog is the animal totem for this stone, and the second of the four elemental clans (element of Water). From him, we can learn about evolution, mystery, transformation, humor and communication.

. THUNDERBIRD. Thunderbird is the third elemental clan of the inner circle (element of Fire). From the Thunderbird, humans can learn lessons in goodness, kindness, cleansing, healing, and very important to learn, humility.

BUTTERFLY. The last stone of the inner circle is the Butterfly. She is the fourth elemental clan animal (element of Air). From the beautiful butterfly, humans can learn transformation, growth, evolution, change and how to experience joy. 


WABOOSE (NORTH) - WHITE BUFFALO. Spirituality, selflessness, generosity, hope, and ancient wisdom can be learned by working with Waboose.

WABUN (EAST) - EAGLE. From Wabun, humans can learn clarity, vision, and inspiration. The eagle is a spiritual messenger.

. SHAWNODESE (SOUTH) - COYOTE. From Shawnodese, the trickster of the animal kingdom, we can learn about wildness, humor, trickster energy, survival and creativity.

. MUDJEKEEWIS (WEST) - GRIZZLY BEAR. From Mudjekeewis, you may learn stability, durability, healing, introspection, maturity and leadership. 


SNOW GOOSE (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). This is the Earth Renewal Moon, and Snow Goose is the animal totem. From him, we learn beauty, tradition, transmitting, receiving, ceremony, and gregariousness.

OTTER (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). If you are born during this period, you are in the Rest and Cleansing Moon, and Otter is your totem. From Otter, people can learn to be playful, nurturing, prophetic, noble, curious and humanitarian in nature.

. COUGAR (Feb. 19-Mar. 20). Those born at this time are under the Big Winds Moon. From your totem, Cougar, learn the lessons of initiative, speed, grace, territoriality and mystery.

RED HAWK (Mar. 21-April 19). This is the time of the Budding Trees Moon, and the animal totem is the Red Hawk. From him, people can learn the lessons of awareness, insight, truth, adaptability, prayer and openness.

BEAVER (April 20-May 20). This is the season of the Frogs Return Moon, and the totem for this moon is Beaver. From Beaver, we learn security, contentment, industry, balance, affection and patience.

DEER (May 21-June 20). The totem for the Cornplanting Moon is Deer. From this beautiful animal, people can learn sensitivity, grace, alertness, creativity and heart and spirit connection.

FLICKER (June 21-July 22). If you are born in this time period, you were born in the Strong Sun Moon, and your animal totem is Flicker. He teaches us protection, courage, joy, rhythm, harmony, loving and nurturing.

. STURGEON (July 23-Aug. 22). This is the time of the Ripe Berries Moon, and the animal totem is Sturgeon. We learn these from Sturgeon: determination, teaching, leadership, knowledge, depth.

BROWN BEAR (Aug. 23-Sept.22). Those born at this time are born under the Harvest Moon, and the Brown Bear is your animal totem. He teaches us caution, bravery, fairness, organization, curiosity and leadership.

RAVEN (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). Raven is the totem for those born under the Ducks Fly Moon. Raven, very wise, teaches people spirituality, intelligence, community, duality and balance.

. SNAKE (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). This is the time of the Freeze Up Moon, and if you were born now, your totem is Snake. Snake teaches the lessons of mystery, adaptability, femininity, transformation and healing.

ELK (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Elk is the animal totem associated with the Long Snows Moon. The regal Elk teaches us to be confident, strong, joyful, agile, wise, and responsible. 



. RACCOON(Cleansing). Our masked friend, Raccoon, teaches us merriment, openness, cleansing, wiliness, tenacity and humor.

EARTHWORM (Renewal). From the Earthworm, people can learn about regeneration, stamina, self-healing, transformation and earth-healing.

DOLPHIN (Purity). The Dolphin has many lessons for us to learn. They include purity, lightness of being, communication, love, intelligence and spiritual attainments.


HUMMINGBIRD (Clarity). The Hummingbird, small and graceful, teaches us precision, lucidity, energy, vibrancy, grace, clarity and healing.

OWL (Wisdom). From the Owl, humans can learn about old wisdom, knowledge, paradox, femininity, mystery and vision.

FIREFLY (Illumination). From the tiny firefly, who lights our evenings, we can learn many things. They include illumination, understanding, the life force, continuity, wonder, awe and light and darkness.


RABBIT (Growth). Rabbit, who represents growth, has many lessons for us. They include dealing with fear, growth, innocence, creativity, productivity and self-actualization.

SALMON (Trust). Salmon is the second position of the southern spirit path. He teaches us trust, strength, determination, willpower, loyalty and tradition.

WOLF (Love). From the Wolf, one of our most misunderstood animal brothers, people can learn many lessons about love, healing relationships, fidelity, forgiveness, intimacy, community, generosity and compatibility.


WHALE (Experience). Working with Whale teaches us about the importance of observing, and about knowledge based on experience. We also can learn much about being in harmony with the environment. Other lessons are strength, patience, and to realize the magnificence in all things.

MOUSE (Introspection). The tiny mouse, a very humble little brother, has many large lessons that we can learn. They include introspection, perception, innocence, trust, resting and acceptance of others.

ANT (Strength). What an amazing animal, the ant. Strength many times his size, he holds many lessons for us. They are strength, endurance, efficiency, persistence, productivity, courage and the importance of community