Thinking About Thinking
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Thinking about thinking

I think, you think, we all think.

It has to be the one greatest ability that is shared by all of mankind.

the ability to think, but, giggles, it is also, one of the most confusing thing that mankind has ever attempted.

we get lost in thought, we lose our train of thought, we have trouble thinking, we donít have time to think about it, we spend a lot of time thinking about it, in fact we do damm near everything with, it.

what is the IT?

how we think!

ok, we all think but how do we think?

many people hold claim to the idea that they think about everything before they do it, but I challenge that, do they think about every breath that they take before they take it, giggles

it is so easy to get lost in thought about things, and we do spend most of our time thinking, it is like a national pastime

but so many of us actually have trouble thinking clear thoughts and the reason behind that it we do suffer from a lack of understanding and knowledge.

we challenge the way we think by posing problems that our minds struggle with.

what is the sound of one hand clapping.

what came first, the chicken or the egg

if a tree was to fall in the forest with nobody or anything around to hear it , would the tree make any sound that can be heard

these sayings are made up to force us to actually focus on how we think and perceive things, instead of random thought, we actually use them as a focus point and try to solve the problem.

but so often do we try to solve them by normal logical thinking and that is mankind's main downfall.

so please feel free to try this exercise, read each of the above sayings and spend 5 minutes on each one and see what you can come up with in the way of a answer while I spend a few moments, sharing with you about mantras, what they are and how they work for us.

OK, a mantra, is a simple object or thing of interest that we use to focus our minds on, mantras are used lots in meditation.

you may have heard of the gurus that sit for hours going


well that is a mantra and there are many ways of using that mantra

you can spend time focusing on the individual sounds of each part of the mantra, or the effect it is having on you and your body, giggles there are many ways it can be used.

now, you will heard about people that say, in order to meditate, you have to have a clear mind and no thoughts in it in order to meditate properly.


if that is the case, then why do we have mantras that we are to think about if we are not to think, in order to meditate

meditation is a state of mind that differs from person to person, and believe me, a lot of gurus that spend years meditating, will say that it is almost impossible not to think during meditation, so how do they do it, well they merely stop focusing on the random thoughts that they are having at the time and focus on one thing, which is normally a mantra.

back to the 3 sayings, giggles how did you get on.

what is the sound of one hand clapping??

ok you are possibly thinking it is impossible or there is no sound made.

giggles, well think of it this way, clapping is the action of two hands striking each other, giggles

what is being asked is what is the sound of one hand clapping

opens up a whole new way of thinking about the question, giggles

number two is what came first, the chicken or the egg

revolving question, chicken comes from egg, egg comes from chicken

giggles, try this, what if the chicken is a combination of two different kinds of birds mating, the chicken would be the offspring, which would mean that the egg is the shell in which the first chicken grew from, the first chicken that is the offspring of two different birds that were not chickens

number 3 if the tree fell in the forest without nothing to hear the noise, would it make a sound.

how many times have you spoken out loud when there is nobody around to hear what you are saying

giggles, mankind, has a interesting approach to thinking and there are many ways to think.

why do humans gets so confused, well, it is generally cos they think in random and unfocussed thought waves

giggles if each of you spent just 5 minutes a day, practising focused thoughts and actually using expanded thoughts, you would find that things become clear faster and are, in fact, very simple and not as complex as we perceive them to be.

thinking is as natural as breathing but breathing is the same as thinking, we do it but rarely do we actually spend anytime focussing on what we are doing.

our thoughts are bouncing from brain cell to brain cell like a game of mental basketball.

but if we can control that action and direct that flow of movement of the mental basketball thoughts, we can clear up the random game plan and have a focussed game play in our heads.

end result we think clearer, faster and with less problems, so we have the ability to work that out easier and without all the conflicting thoughts that intrude into our head

so how do you think better?, simple

stop, breath and start over with one thought at a time

I will give you this to do and feel free to practise this every day as you see fit

clear your mind for 10 seconds, that's right, just 10 seconds

the only way you can do it properly, is to relax and breath, things will go blank and you will start to become aware of how cluttered your mind is and how much thinking you do not need to do

70 % of our total daily thoughts are in fact, a heap of rubbish, and if we can harness the wasted thought energy and focus it in a constructive way, we think better and clearer.

hence, we get more done and we donít get so frustrated and wound up about things.

but thinking is a natural part of us and we are not trying to stop thinking, all we are trying to do, is think about how we think about thinking, what a tongue twister that is

telepathy uses thought waves to communicate between minds and can you imagine what would happen if everybody in the world was dropping all the wasted thoughts in our heads, giggles, talk about head case, but telepathy does do that, why????

cos when we use telepathy, we are clear thinking and focussed, we are sending images, pics and thoughts to another person and in order for them to get the message clearly, we send it clearly, not cluttered up with rubbish.

telepathy is like a mental email between friends, we do not send 2 sentences that make sense and 60 that donít, we send a clear message to the person

that is why clear thinking is a bug part of being telepathic and also the reason why a lot of us are not telepathic, our minds are too cluttered to focus the clear and steady thought waves needed to communicate telepathically

lateral thinking is another exercise to aid clear thinking, you have to think around the square to find the answer.

if i was to ask you this question, how would you answer it

a man gets on a elevator, he lives on the 15 th floor but he normally travels up to the 8th floor and walks the other 7 floors to his home, but on wet days he travels right to the 15 th floor

now how would you answer that, with out going insane, well it calls for lateral thinking and a clear mind

15 floors but he gets off at the 8th?????

wet days, he travels all the way up?????

a) does he enjoy walking?????, nope he hates it

b) is it a open air elevator????? nope

c) is he short??? yes, he is

d) can he reach the 15th floor button????? nope

e) can i go insane now???? giggles yeah you can

the simple answer is on wet days, he can reach the 15 th floor button but on dry days, he cannot, why??????

simple, on wet days he carries a umbrella that allows him to reach the 15 th button, on dry days he doesnít, hence he can only reach the 8 th floor button.

here is a harder one

on a mountain side, is a cabin, there are it is a sealed cabin, in the midst of trees, there is no way to walk into the area at all

inside are 3 dead people, how did they get there and how did they die???

not by suicide or murder,

nothing in the room was used to take lives

and nobody had any idea they would be there

i will give you the answer later in this post

the simple secret to thinking clearly, and focussed is to think simply

there is no point in trying to think of the way to solve world hunger, if your cupboards are empty as well.

many people use thinking as a way to work out problems, not this is fine if you are the only one with the problem but not if there is others involved in the problem

asking me how your partners feels about things is a waste of time, i am not your partner, i cannot think like him/her, and nor can you

so thinking about their reactions is wasted time and thought

so communication becomes a big part in that, by talking with the person you are not spending time cluttering up you head with unnecessary thoughts, and this leaves your mind free to think about other things.

feelings and thinking go hand in hand too,

if we think about how we feel at times, we can learn to intercept things better.

i can tell when i am about to get sick, how????

my body tells my that it is not running right, i think ok, i am about to get sick, the signs show me that i am getting a headache,

i know from experience that my headaches are migraines, i am going to get one of 3 sets of symptoms, that will tell me what kind of migraine,

now i think ok, i have a set of remedies i can use to help with this headache.

body says, sore neck, pain in temples, and eyes are sore.

mind says ok, tension migraine, lasts up to 3 days

body says, very tense and uptight,

mind says first course of action is to relax, right, hot shower and massage will help with tension,

two, STOP thinking about headache and stressing out about it,

three, stop doing what i am doing and relax

body says, relaxation is taking place,

mind says ok, meditation will help, clear mind and remove thought stress

body and mind say problem is caused by getting too worked up about personal problem,

instinct says, stop thinking about it and talk to partner, about problem and relieve stress from over thinking

4 hours later body says, things going back to normal running

mind says, i am clear again, no cluttered thoughts, body is back to normal.

simple and easy to do, but remember to think about something without doing anything else, does cause problems, so....

identify problems

look for alternatives to fix problems, instead of just thinking over and over and over

deal with problems

think simple, positive and clear thoughts

good luck

ps the cabin????? giggles

ok i never said it was a wooden cabin, it is the cabin containing the cockpit of a airplane that crashed into the side of a mountain