The Future of Fortune Telling
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The future is in your hands

At some point in our life, we are going to wonder about the future, what is to come, what can we look forward to

are things going to get better or worse.

Sure the future is yet to come to us, giggles, it lays in the next minute to come to us.

For many 100s of years, mankind has sought to gain knowledge of the future, tried to see forward into the mists of time.

Be what they are, we will consult people who claim to tell the future and know what is to be, many different kinds of looking into the future and many different techniques are used and as with all things, we have true people and the fakes.

In this section, we are going to check out the whats and hows of seeing into the future or fortune telling.

Also is going to be added, posts on how to evaluate the person and their readings for you, plus, a few posts on some of the tricks on the trade and how some readers and fortune tellers are using you to provide the answers for your reading.

this section is not to point fingers and say that person is a fake, cos that is not the reason this section is here.

it is here for you to read and enjoy and possibly to help you understand how the gifts and arts of reading the future are done and used.

first of all, how many ways can you name to read the future, giggles take a guess and then look at the list

( I will add more to this list over time)

cards tarot, playing cards



reading palms

reading tea leaves

premonition dreams





crystal balls

casting the bones

mirror gazing

staring into a bowl of water


consulting spirit guides

consulting a medium


rolling dice

tossing coins

seeing a witchdoctor

casting the sticks

reading the bumps on a persons head

reading a animals entrails



the list goes on.

now in that list, it may seen like I has doubled up on a few things, well, once the section is filled with a few posts on the right subjects, you will actually see why they are not doubled up