The 13 Chakras
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CHAKRA ONE - is located at the base of the spine near the tail bone.

This chakra is RED in color and controls the consciousness for survival and gives each of us our survival instincts.

It is also the recipient for the kundaline.

 If in balance we have loving relationships, money, food and clothing.

 If out of balance it can cause paranoia, selfish aggression, nervousness, passiveness, depression and denial of basic needs to survive.

CHAKRA TWO - color is ORANGE, located in the abdomen area and is considered the emotional chakra.

When in balance this chakra encourages discovery of life through our feelings.

 Out of balance the second chakra can cause greediness, addictions to the point of becoming self absorbed and going beyond the normal realms,

such as workaholics, addictions to alcohol, drugs, food, sex or a constant need for more in wealth when wealth is at hand.

In these cases it never seems to be enough or satisfying enough.

The continual need for more is always at the forefront controll

CHAKRA THREE - located in the solorplex area and is the color YELLOW.

 When in balance this chakra helps the person to make decisions and choices as well as creative abilities.

 This chakra is also known as the chakra that opens the a soul to the higher levels of awareness.

If this chakra is out of balance, the person will be tired and unable to perceive the psychic energy all around.

 It can also cause problems and make someone unable to say no, or stand and confront someone.

CHAKRA FOUR - known as the heart chakra, it is positioned at the heart level and is the color GREEN.

Feelings of love and acceptance of others balances you.

This is the chakra of self acceptance, acceptance of others, trust, well being, abundance, prosperity and good health.

If the fourth chakra is out of balance the soul may act loving but feel resentful.

You may give to others out of obligations rather then out of good will.

Genuine love of self and others is self balancing and natural healing.

CHAKRA FIVE - is the color of BLUE and is the throat chakra.

It controls the consciousness of psychic hearing and abilities.

This chakra is the relay for telepathic messages as well as the abilities of channeling and transmediumship.

If this chakra is off balance, the soulís abilities are repressed and will have trouble expressing itself as well as tuning out others.

 The fifth chakra when it is off balance can cause you to hear voices with negative self dialogue telling you about mean and harmful things.

CHAKRA SIX - is the color of PURPLE and is considered the third eye chakra.

 It is located at the level of your forehead between your two eyes.

When this chakra is balanced a person posses the ability of clairvoyance which is seeing people, places in the future, possible events forming and past as well as present events.

If this chakra is out of balance you will have difficulty with imaging and will be missing the energy flow as well as missing the aspects of the spiritual soul.

You will be more inclined to be logical and more rational in use of these concepts.

CHAKRA SEVEN - is the color WHITE and is known as the crown chakra.

 When this chakra is balanced it governs the consciousness of spiritual awakening, enlightenment and wisdom.

This chakra can also assist in allowing us to view our past lives, and see the soulís history as it evolved.

It is also known as the Divine Source.

 The highest degree of psychic ability comes with this chakra.

Out of balance this chakra can cause disorders and diseases.

CHAKRA EIGHT - is located above the head, about an inch and one-half.

 This chakra is rich in information regarding our karma and learning abilities.

The color of this chakra is SILVER.

It can also be the doorway to the dimensions and times as well as the Akashic records.

CHAKRA NINE - is arms length above the head. Its color is GOLD. This chakra contains the programming of the soul.

 From this chakra we can gain knowledge of the soul, healings, insights and lifeís purposes.

CHAKRA TEN - is the grounding chakras and is located about one and one-half to four feet below the foot.

The chakra colors are EARTH TONES.

This chakra contains all four elements of wind, earth, water and air.

Receptive energy and positive low are found with this chakra.

CHAKRA ELEVEN - is the color PINK and is located at the palms of the hands and souls of the feet.

This chakra can help us transfer energy from others or the world into a positive energy that can help the soul release blocks and issues that are no longer assisting in personal growth.

 This chakra is also known as the energy transference chakra.

CHAKRA TWELVE - The Twelfth Chakra is the beginning of the secondary chakra system and is best described in detail in "The New Chakra Healing by Cyndi Dale.

 There are thirty-two points in the body and aura. Some of these chakras are in the physical body and some extend beyond the physical body into the spiritual plane.

The twelfth chakra helps to support the connections between natural forces and our own body forces. When linked with this chakra our auras work more effectively

CHAKRA THIRTEEN - The Thirteen chakra is called the christ conscious

charkra, it is not so much a charkra as a doorway where the

spiritual, etheral, mental, biological, meta-physical, emotional

levels of man and spirit are one in all realms