The Teacher's Absence
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I sit in silence, listening for the teachers' words,
Yearning for the knowledge they will impart.
The silence roars through my brain, my focus shifting and roaming.
Where did they go, when will they return, what is taking so long?
Through the scattered fog, I struggle for clarity,
Seeking explanations and support; yearning for wisdom.
Slowly a new voice emerges, small and soft;
Not really needing to be heard, its meaning and intention obvious to one who will only listen.
You see, says the voice, the teacher's absence is itself a lesson.
Without their voices, you learn to listen to the silence.
Without their confirmation, you learn to trust yourself.
Without their strength, you build your own strength.
When the teachers return, both teachers and students will be ready for new lessons.
You will have many teachers, making themselves apparent when the time is right;
And, as wisdom and vision grow, you will also have many students; teaching by example, love and silence.
Teaching and learning, the opposite, yet the same continuous cycle.

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From: <NOBR>MSN Nickname_wistfuldreamer</NOBR> Sent: 12/30/2001 12:59 PM
When I first wrote this "poem" months ago, I was struggling for clarity and peace. As I re-read the post today in my e-mail, I realize how far I have come. The ending is prophetic for me, and I did not realize even when I wrote it how true it was. It is amazing how the teachers appear, each bringing to you things for which your spirit is searching, and also amazing that as the teacher teaches you, so too do you teach the teacher! Over and over I find this with each teacher. As my energy and thoughts become clearer, I find myself teaching others as well, and so many times I learn the wonderful lessons from those that I teach.
My Prayer:
Spirit please continue to send me my teachers as I need them, please help me to share my light with others so that they may find their light. Help me to learn the many blessons of life, and address each problem with love. Don't ever let me become so accustomed to the everday miracles that I miss seeing them. Please let the joy, wonder, and gratitude of seeing things through the eyes of a child continue throughout the lifetime of this mortal body, and let me continue to share that joy and wonder with those around me.
(PS thank you Raphael for the blessings of today!)