Talking Mind to Mind
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talking mind to mind

being telepathic or using telepathy is a simple act but the energy drain can be quite intense.

some people have a existing link or bond that they can use to communicate telepathically, this is common amongst twins

basically a telepathic bond works best between a sender and receiver that are both open and have a ability to sense energy patterns and thought waves

that doesnít mean that only a handful of people in the world can do it, anybody can be telepathic under the right circumstances, but just not with everybody in the world.

this exercise is designed to work with focussing and sending energy, in pretty much the same way we send love and light energy

basically the best way to start off is by finding a person that is open minded and willing to experiment with this exercise.

using a person with a closed mind will bring about as much success as trying to look thru a solid brick wall.

ok, you need a relaxed and quiet area where you are unlikely to be disturbed

possibly a room in a house or in the middle of a field, the location is not really, important, apart from one thing, it is best not to try if you are near high tension powerlines, they can play havoc with your mental energy

also, you can as many people as you like, but remind them that they is only to be one sender and one receiver at a time, otherwise you will get mixed messages

now decide before you start to focus, exactly what you are going to try and send BUT do not tell the receiver.

it is ok to get a simple idea, like image, word or feeling but keep it vague

( I checked around and the general opinion on sending is this)

visual in your head a pic of the receiver and a visualisation of the thing you wish to send to the receiver.

basically, you are visualising the thought gathering energy in your head and then leaving your head in a energy bubble and going to the other persons head so that they absorb it into their energy

DO not try to place the energy in their head, it is safer and more polite to let them absorb it into their energy, it doesnít affect them and is easier to do than trying to get into their head

ok now to the actual sending of the energy, visual the thought being wrapped in light gentle energy, and being released into the air where it catches a light spiritual breeze and floats over to the other person

now by doing it as a light gentle energy, it provides a relaxed state and when both people are relaxed, the act of telepathy becomes very easy to do

like many gifts and abilities, every body is at a different level and sometimes it is easy to communicate telepathically and other times, it is damm hard

but donít let that become a block in your growth, practise helps and with practise, things become really easy

there are many ways to talk telepathically and it is basically a trail and error to doing things, some ways work and others wonít

anything can be communicated telepathically, thoughts, feelings emotions

anything at all, so find what you can send easily and start developing that part first and soon you will be able to use a wider range of sending abilities and other ways of sending things telepathically.