Taking the first step
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Taking the first step

From the first moment, we enter the world at the beginning of our lives, til the last breath, we take, as we make our way back to the spiritual realm, we are on a journey of discovery.

As babes, we learn to walk by crawling, standing,, balancing and taking the first step.

the first step!.

WOW, what a awesome thing to do, the first step

That first step is very important, it marks the start of a new change in our lives, a new time to grow and develop ourselves.

As the first step begins our start of learning to walk, it is also a most important part of the rest of our lives.

Every day, when we get out of bed, we take the first step of the day, we begin with a new start.

With every new thing in our lives, we start it with the first step

but some people say to us, where do I start???

I donít know where to start, where to begin on my journey.

well, when you first started walking, werenít worried about where you wee going, it was taking the first step that you were concerned about, and the same applies today, why worry about the end of the journey, when you havenít even made the first step at the start of your journey.

As we take our first steps with our parents, they would hold our hands and support us, and it is the same now.

friends support us and guide us but it doesnít matter where we are going, life has a habit of changing around us and sure, where we place the next footstep will change too, but is that really a problem?

does it really matter about the end of our journey?

if you take a 20 mile walk and spend all of your time worrying about getting to the end of the walk, then you will miss the sights along the way, the beauty of nature, the sounds of nature, the hidden lessons of life and living.

so we stop every 10 steps and look, listen and learn.

now the original 10 mile walk takes longer and may end up 20 miles long, so what?????

you gain 10 more miles worth of experiences, you made it to the end, wiser and different then when you first started on your journey.

you are a different person to the person that started taking the walk and that is awesome.

every part of life has a first step and if we avoid taking that step, we end up standing still, like a rock in a stream.

like the rock, we never move and meanwhile, life, like the stream passes us by, man what a great loss.

why do a lot of people avoid that step, well mainly, because they are nervous and afraid of what to expect, and that's ok.

but is that fear really there or is it really us not ready to step forth.

life is a book, and you never know what is in that book til you open the covers and read and learn from that book.

but we do not fear opening a book cos we are in control of that book and we can stop reading that book anytime we wish to.

life, however, is different, it can not be stopped and is always changing and we fear change a lot but we have no choice, it is going to change but we do not need to fear change, cos we are not in control of it

life , indeed is like a book, each chapter is like a first step and we write that book, now, we can take a break from writing that book, but it never stops been written

with the book of daily living, we shut it for a while, by opening up the book of holidays and writing a chapter in that, we are taking the break from the book of real life.

so not all change is something to be feared, there is some sometimes that we enjoy changes and other times that we fear it, but we accept it.

taking the first step on a holiday is no different to taking the first step at a new job, we are beginning a new chapter in our books, and the first words are the first steps.

in the world of spirituality, we look around and see people that are awesome readers, or healers or channellers, and we think wow, I would love to be that awesome one day, but........................

right, we all were babies and we all took that first step, maybe spiritually, some of us are kids some are teenagers, some, adults and others grandparents, sure, some people are more advanced, but even they took the first steps, and personally, when I look in the mirror, I had no idea that I would become the man and friend that I am today.

when I took my first steps, I dreamed about being a karate champion and teaching the art of inner control and peace ( in fact, I did become a 3 time karate champion and now I do teach about inner control and peace)

it was my burning desire to harness the power and control of the grandmasters that I had seen and one of them said to me,

power is greatest when used in peace

wow, what a statement, by finding peace in myself about changes in my life, I found that the first steps were easy, I was not fighting the changes, I was at peace with the changes and I grew more powerful in my martial arts

from a youngster, starting out in life with a dream of being like bruce lee to being a 5th dan black belt ninjutsu master, with belts in Aikiado, tai kwon do, wing chun, judo and zen do kai ( owing to the mess of the new zealand martial federation, I can not teach ninjutsu in NZ cos the type I was taught, is not recognized by the federation)

I took the first step when I broke my first board with my hand ( and broke 3 fingers and not the board) and when I retired from ninjutsu, I could break 4 inch concrete blocks with one finger, ( giggles and have the photos to prove it)

now, when I look back over all the years of my training, I realised that each step I took in martial arts was also a step towards self improvement in me

I realised that I had the power in me all the time, but I was not aware of it, til I took the first step.

next time you think about how you would like to be, think about taking the first step, it doesnít matter where you put your foot cos you will get there in the end, but what does matter is that you have started out on your journey