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At some point in your evolution, you come to the realisation that you are made of more than just the physical body. You begin to understand that there is more to the world than meets the eye. Most people focus their concentration upon things that are visible and tangible, but science is proving that we are affected by many things which are not in the least visible to the human eyes.

If you are unaware of how extraneous forces can affect you, you can end up with weaknesses in your own energy system. These weaknesses may manifest as actual physical illnesses or as mental/emotional imbalances. Your individual energy system is imposed and impinged upon everyday. Unless you learn to recognise this phenomenon and work to protect yourself from unwanted intrusions, you may find your life becoming more complicated.

We have all had experiences in which our energies were affected by outside forces. Extraneous sounds, heat and electrical impositions occur frequently. Other individuals impinge upon your energies as well. Has anyone ever made you feel that you were inferior or a failure? Have you ever been influenced to purchase something or participate in an activity when you really did not want to? Have you ever felt drained after talking with some individual? All these are intrusions upon your energy field.

The key to protecting your energies lies with the aura. With a strong and vibrant aura, negetive, draining and unbalanced energies are deflected. Maintaining such an aura is not difficult. Most beneficial to the aura are positive health practises. Proper diet, excercise and fresh air are strengthening to the entire auric field. On the other hand, lack of excercise, lack of fresh air, improper diet, abuse of alcohol, drugs, tobacco etc, create wear and tear upon the fabric of the aura.

The aura is also extremely affected by emotional and mental states, more than people realise. Continued stress, emotional trauma, mental disorders or imbalances, upheavels, worry, fear and other negetive emotions and attitudes weaken the auric field. A weakened aura results in energy drains. You become tired more easily. If prolonged, holes and tears can occur with in the fabric of the auric field.

There are many ways to vitalise aura. I will tell you of a few before i go into the subject of chanting for the aura, which is very successful in strengthening an aura. Sunlight is strengthening to the auric field. So is physical exercise. Fresh air is extremely vitalising to the aura. Eating less food, but more frequently, has a more balanced effect upon the aura. Meditation is also strengthening and protective. Music can also have a balancing and strengthening effect on the auric field. Another good way is to use fragrances, insence and essential oils to smudge the aura. One would use the smoke ofcourse to smudge with.

Chanting for the Aura

Now to look at some really easy ways to strengthen the aura and keep it healthy and strong. I have decided to put in some information on chanting for the aura, one of the most easiest ways to protect it , especially if you have problems visualising.

Mantras and chants have been employed by the esoteric tradition in the east and in the west. They are powerful tools for energising and strengthening. "Mantra" is a sanskrit word, and it is comparable in meaning to the english words "charm or spell".

With mantras or chants the power of sound is employed for particular purposes. Mantras and chants have been used to change the auric field of individuals also for healing and for higher leverls of consciousness.

The chants or mantras used effect changes in the body, mind, emotions or spirit of the individual. The sounds stimulate the energies around and within you.

The vibration of a chant or mantra will set up a purifying and refining effect upon your auric field. They work usually for one of four reasons. They work simply cause of the individuals faith that they will. They work cause you associate definite ideas with the sounds, which then intensify the changing of your energies. They work also because of what they do mean. The meaning beats upon your mental body, resulting in an impression being formulated within your energy patter. Many mantras and chants work because of their sounds alone, regardless of meaning. The sounds impinge upon the auric field, creating changes in it.

when you stop, you should still hear the mantra echoing within your mind. There may be buzzing in the ears. These are signals that it has effected an energy change.

Sample Mantras

OM: is considered the most powerful mantra of all. It corresponds to the Egyptian Amen and actually represents the name of the devine Logos. Om is the sanskrit word for the spark of life itself, that part of the divine imprinsoned within physical life.

It is believe there are several humdred ways of pronouncing and intoning Om-each with its own unique effect upon the aura. When you emphasize the "O" you affect others and your own auric field. When the "M" (humming sound) is prolonged, the entire effect is produced more internally.

When you sound the OM, you need to see yourself rising from the domination of physical life. You need to visualise your limiting and hindering thought forms as being shattered. You need to see the energy debres you have accumulated within the aura being cleansed. OM is the sound of contact with the devine and thus it is an instrument for freeing your energies. It has the power to cleanse, create and release the new so that you can move on to higher expressions of energy.

OM is also a call to attention. It settles and stabilises the auric field. It arranges particles of your subtle bodies into allignment. All of your energy responds to this sound. When these energies are aligned, you can more easily restore health and gain greater benefit through meditation.

A variation of OM is AUM (Ah-oh-mm). This form enhances your visualisation of the aura, and it enables your thoughts to become more crystallized. It is an affirmation that your energies are at their highest and continually growing higher, as if you are saying to yourself on a primal level: " so let it be" Aum also help repair weaknesses and holes within your auric field.

A good visualisation to perform with the chanting of OM is to envision the sankskrit letters of OM overlaying your physical body. Begin by seeing the symbol forming in the trunk of your body. Then, as you inhale, sound the OM silently within your mind and body. Feel the symbol vibrating and gathering power. As you exhale, tone the OM outward, audibly. See and feel the symbol issuing forth streams of pure crystalline energy that fill and strengthen your entire auric field. Continue this for 10 to 15 minutes. You will find that your energy reserves will be greater, and the encounters with extraneous energies will be less likely to impinge upon your own aura.

OM MANI PADME HUM (ohm-mah-nee-pod-may-hum)This mantra literally translates as "the jewel in the lotus". It is one of the more popular mantras, and it has a variety of meanings and significances. It is believed to be a link to the energies of the chinese godess Kwan Yin.

Kwan Yin is to the East what the mother Mary is to the west. She is the protector and the healer of children.

This mantra acts as a protective force within the aura. It strengthens all energy and reserves and helps to prevent you from being drained or taken advantage of. This particular mantra is good to use before entering any emotional situations or places where you know tensions can run high. It makes the aura strong enough to prevent others from intruding upon you, physically or otherwise.

The six syllables of the mantra activate energies for transforming the debris within your aura into a purified force. It balances emotions and assists in healing the body.

OM- This is totality of existence and of sound. It is the call signal. Through resonating this part of the mantra, you can set up a link between your auric field and that of the one called Kwan Yin.

MANI- This literally means "jewel". It refers to a kind of non-substance that is impervious to harm or change. It is a symbol of the highest value within the mind. It symbolizes enlightenment with compassion and love. Just as a jewel can remove poverty, this aspect of the mantra helps to remove dicordant energies from your aura.

PADME- Literally, this translates as "lotus". It is a symbol of spiritual unfoldment and the awakening of finer energies within your auric field. It has a sound that helps to clarify the energy debris mudying your own aura. It helps you to sort it out and assimilate its corresponding circumstances. It harmonises your aura.

HUM- This sound untranslatable, while OM represents the infinite sound within you and the universe, HUM represents the finite within the infinite. It stands for the potential of the auric field. It awakens your sensitivity to energies around you, and it increases your awareness of how they are affecting you. It awakens your perception of the physical aura and stimulates harmony within it so that you can understand yourself more effectively as an energy system.

As in first mantra, relax. Close eyes and as you inhale, sound the mantra silently to yourself. As you then exhale, sound it audibly, projecting it outward, syllable by syllable. Find your own rhythmn. Let it work for you. Know that, as you use it, your aura will become stronger and more protected at all times.