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so you want to learn about spirituality?

well not a prob, but there are a few things the you need to know about and to bare in mind.

like any new thing in the world that you seek to know more about

there is learning involved.

learning is the one main thing that we spent all our life doing, well apart from breathing.

essentially, you are seeking to know more about the interests that you have and that will involve things like reading, talking sharing, etc

now, you seek to know about spirituality.

spirituality is a really big and varied part of the world and its beliefs

there are many different aspects of spirituality.

each area has different aspects and means different things to different people.

in this post, are words of advice and help, that will make it easier for you to learn and others to teach you.

last but not least, good luck and best wishes on your journey

where do you start????

are you going to read, talk, study, share, listen???

how do you want to learn, there are many ways to learn

with any new project or interest, the best place to start is with you

only you will know how willing you are, to take the time to learn about spirituality

first, identify the area that draws your attention

it can be any number of things, but look around at the different areas open to you and decide, if I: E healing, psychic readings, spirit guides

any of the areas catch your attention.

right, you have found something that interests you, good!

you now have a idea about what you want to learn about

ok now look around, in the website alone is a mass of basic information to further cover the areas specific to the ones that caught your attention

now once you have checked a few basic parts out, you will know for sure what you really want to know about.

when you look to increase your knowledge, it helps if you can say to people, I am interested in ??????? or i want to learn about ????????

the worse thing, that people say to me is

i want to learn about stuff,

ok, sure, what are you interested in?

i dunno

ok do you have some ideas about what interests you

not really

ok, how can i help then

i dunno

ok, if you are anything like me, your first reaction will be to put them to one side, you ( and me ) are busy people and do not have the time to sit there with people, that have no idea what they want.

there is nothing worse than a person asking you for help with sometime that they have not looked into,

so the best way to avoid this hassle is to look around, in this case, in the website, most of the areas of spirituality are covered in the website, and you can come to me or anybody else and say, hey, i am interested in this, and you will know a bit about what you want to know cos you have read up on it, and now if something is said to you or if you have a question, the person can explain it a bit better cos you have got the basic idea about what they are saying

believe me, I have been in situations where people have asked about using energy to help people, and I reply ok you need to balance your energy first and they say how

now, it is a hassle, they have not bothered to find out about energy

even the basics, they just see others talking about it and rather than appear inexperienced, they make out that they know heaps and when it comes to dealing with probs, or helping others they have no idea what to do or how to do it, why????

cos, they jumped right into the middle of things and never bothered to

start with the basics.

one reason why i stress checking out things BEFORE you jump in, is simply this.

in one week, i was called out to 19 sťances that had gone wrong cos people had no idea what they were playing with.

the danger is beyond belief, these people are playing with fire and the chances of getting really badly burnt, are quite real

ok, now sometimes things go wrong, things beyond peoples understanding or control, it happens to all of us, but there is a big difference between playing with something that you have no idea about, and a simple glitch in the flow of things

basically, people donít try to fix cars if they have no idea what is what, so the same applies to areas of spirituality, donít try something that you know nothing about.

sending energy is awesome and a sign of love and respect, but doing it the wrong way or sending too much can do a lot of damage

check everything out BEFORE you try doing it

ok word of advice, get a second opinion

question everything, and never accept anything as the absolute truth


many people make the mistake of believing everything that they are told and that is dangerous.

a true teacher or spiritualist doesnít teach bullshit or spend all their time attacking others or running down the way that others teach

spirituality has many areas and many different viewpoints

not everybody has the same opinion.

look around, listen to different ideas

you will find that some opinions are different and some things donít

match up, so always have a open mind

I get niggly if people come to me about things they have been told by others, especially if the person is attacking me about how i teach or what i do, I am guided by spirit in the ways i guide and teach.

I do have personal opinions that I do use in teaching but I do get a slap around the ears from spirit if i get out of hand

spirituality is based around opinions, each person and teacher will have a different idea or what is right or wrong, for them, not for the world.

I teach Christians about spirituality, and I tell them that I honour spirit, but acknowledge that spirit can be god by another name, I do not say to them that god is not real or that he is only the christian god, cos to many people, god is god and spirit is not god.

thats fine, it doesnít match my personal opinion but, as I say, my personal opinion is right for me, and as a teacher, I accept that everybody has different ideas about it.

( if the town where I lived had a spiritualist church, ( christian church with god at the head but doing readings and healings too ) I would be there straight away to sign up

ok word of advice two

spirituality has a good and dark side, like everything in life

and yes, you will encounter it like everybody else does too

it basically comes in three areas

negative energy, this basically covers emotions like sadness, depression, anger, hatred, things like that, that are everyday emotions for everybody.

negative attitudes, you will encounter people that spend a lot of time attacking others, well what is the point of that???

everybody has different ideas and opinions and attacking people cos you donít see eye to eye is nothing but a stupid act and a waste of time and just shows that you canít deal with the problem

negative situations, ok here is the biggie

you will hear about stuff like satanism and dark magic, demons and entities and stuff like that.

ok satanism does exist but is widely misunderstood thanks to small group of people hat took it to the extent.

I personally have satanist friends that refuse to harm anybody or any animals, and they have a positive approach to life, they do not worship in rituals with knifes and altars in dark rooms.

also I have wiccan friends that have hearts of gold, and they are very gifted people in the ways of nature. the bible speaks out against witchcraft but many christians would never know these people were wiccan cos these people donít advertise the fact that they are wiccan.

dark magic and voodoo do have spiritual areas in them and tho I do not personally involve myself in these areas, I accept that in spirituality, there is light and dark sides.

ok demons and entities play a big part in spirituality and christianity

and in the same way too, also known as monkeys or shadows, ( cos of the stigma connected with the names )

these monkeys and shadows are of a negative nature and can come from a problem in a past life, sťance, spiritual attack, curse, pretty much anywhere, the other difference between christianity and spirituality, is the way they are removed from the person.

again, I say be careful what people tell you, I was a christian once and a spiritualist now, and I see no difference in the fact that they exist

and please if a person tells you that you have a shadow or monkey with you, get a second opinion.

( I work with other in this area and I use light energy so that the person with the shadow becomes aware of the shadow and knows why it is there, how it got there, what it does to them and then we help to remove it from them in the easiest and safest way possible)

often this is done, using 3-4 people, myself to deal with the shadow and the others to help you with protection and healing energies

when people go one on one with a shadow connected to you, you both run the risk of getting in deep s###

it is always safer to have more than one person helping you and the other person when dealing with shadows.

common words of spirituality:


READER this person can read the future

EMPATHIC this person senses emotional energy

HEALER this person works in the areas of healing

ASTRAL TRAVELLER this person can travel out of their body

CLAIRVOYANT this person senses different things and is basically a reader by nature

CHANNELLER this person writes or speaks the words of spirits

MEDIUM this person communicates with spirits for people, in areas of messages from departed loved ones

PAST LIFE REGRESSION THERAPIST this person helps to unlock and work thru past lives


VISUALISING this refers to the act of creating a image in your head

ENERGY this refers to the energy that people use in their life, it can be love, life, universal, peace, healing etc etc, it generally is the same energy, just with a different name and used for different purposes

LOVE AND LIGHT, this is a common set of words said in parting but the meaning is a way of wishing peace and happyness for people,the term love and light refers to the energies of love and light, in us and others and is the most common energies in spirituality

AURAS this refers to the energy field that we have around us, this energy field has colours, that show us about our growth and how we are feeling, it also shows problems and illnesses and is a important part of helping us in growing spiritually

CHAKRAS this refers to the energy points in the body, these energy points are for different parts of our mental, emotional and spiritual psyche, they can become blocked and this affects how we feel and work with our gifts

GIFTED this refers to a person that has one or more abilities of a spiritual nature

EMOTIONAL CLEANSING this, simply is the act of crying and releasing build up energies and emotions, it is a cleansing that is awesome and most people need to do it at least once a week

POSTS this is not actually a spiritual word but refers to a item or article in the website

SPIRIT GUIDES this refers to any number of spirits that have returned to earth, in spirit form, to pass of their knowledge and help us grow spiritual

BLOCKS AND WALLS this refers to an area of our selves or our lives that is closed off and stops us from doing things or working in a area of your selves and try slow spiritual grow down til it is removed or healed

PLATEAUS AND REST PERIODS this refers to a main part of growing, it basically is a point in life and grow where everything stops

for a while and this can be due to you learning too much and needing to take time to fully understand it, or possibly cos there is a block there and you need to work thru the block to grow more, or cos you are in need of a new direction.

ok, I reckon I have given you heaps to chew over and I will leave it at that, apart from these last bits of info

you are both a teacher and a student, the people that teach you, will also learn from you, be open and willing to share

a person may seem very wise, but it possibly has take about 30,000 years of lives to get to that stage, but worry if you donít seem very knowledgeable

a teacher should be open and honest with you, but it is not their job to get you all the answers to everything, there are different teachers for different things, also bare in mind, that the teacher may have many students, and not a hell of a lot of time to spent teaching just one person.

so patience is definitely a great help in learning and growing

good luck and have fun