Spirit Guides
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Spirit Guides are entities -- physical and non-physical -- who have chosen to aid others on

the path to spiritual enlightenment as we are about to "

Most spirit guides have had incarnations on the physical Earth plane, as well as other realms.

They, like yourself, may exist there multidimensionally at this time.

Spirit guides can be aspects of yourself.

Guides may remain with you for a lifetime, or may come and go depending on your needs

and theirs.

They are beings of light that may physically appear to you so your mind can *see* them


You can request additional guides / and or the help of angels if you want to work with guides

on higher levels.

We all have spirit guides.

The average number of guides is 5, usually a mix of male and female.

Each guide generally comes in for a specific purpose in our lives.

Other aspects of your soul

Spiritual guardians


Help with your creative work

Have a past life connection to you

Are deceased relatives or close friends


Some guides stay with you for your entire lifetime.

Others stay for many years then leave.

You can ask a spirit guide to leave if you so chose.

You can ask to have another brought to help you evolve.

They 'speak' to you in many ways.

Sometimes they are the little voice you hear in your head - thoughts.

Often times they speak to you in dream state, meditation,

things that occur in your life, through, art, music, dance, or


a lot of the time, we can *block* them out by jamming our lives up

with probs and thoughts and as a result, we are unable to hear them

they can be seen as a color, blur of light, shadow, image, reflection

in a mirror or the actual person themselves

they can be heard as a sound, voice or noise inside and outside our


If they really want to make a point they will drop something on

you like a book, as if to say, "Pay attention!"

Spirit guides travel interdimensionally.

They travel with us at night when we sleep. (astral travelling )

They teach us at that time.


Meeting Your Spirit Guides

Meeting your spirit guides is a form of channeling.

 As with all channeling - this is not for everyone.

It is meant to help you talk to spirit in the light.

It means that they will address things with you in a way that you understand - and is

in your best interests based on your soul needs


Connecting with Spirits While 'On the Go'!

You are very busy and have no time to relax and communicate.

Spirit guides are always there and ready to talk to you if you just "tune up"!

As you go about your day - a decision will have to made at some point

Ask the question in your mind and you will get an answer.

Think your question.

Listen to your thoughts.

You will get your answer.