Sphere Energy
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Sphere energy and creating ball shields

this is a simple exercise, what you are going to do is create a layer of energy around you that you can feel and change and that some people who are sensitive enough, can feel it too.

you can do this, standing or sitting, anywhere, anything

shut your eyes and relax, visual a small area around you becoming a bit more dense with energy, rise up you hands and relaxing them, try pushing against the energy.

ok if you stand in a swimming pool and move around, you feel pressure against your body but you still have the ability to move.

the same effect with the energy, it feels like soft pressure against your hands,

if you have tried the energy sponge ball exercise and have it work, then you will know how to interpret the energy pressure.

let the energy field go no further than about 3 ft away from you

now the best way is NOT to force or try to make the energy wall stronger, relax and let the energy thru and around you and visual the wall getting stronger and more solid

if you do not get it the first time, donít worry, practise makes perfect

after a few times you will be able to create a wall that is noticeable to others and to your self.

using a friend can help too,

get your friend about 4 ft away from you and when you feel right, get them to slow push against your wall

again they may feel the pressure, they may not, it takes practise

right once you have created your wall and can get others to feel it, then try creating it with light energy or healing, love, colour energies,

play with the wall and learn to interpret what it *says*

after a while your wall will create automatically for the right reasons

and if you get attacked, your wall will kick in and get you a few more minutes to build a stronger defence against the attack.