A Simple Moment of Sharing
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I sat here last night, thinking what a beautiful night to be peaceful, staring up at the stars and letting my mind drift
it was quiet and still, and as I sat there, I noticed the sounds of movement near me, in the grass.
it was my cat ( the wah ) 8 yrs old and black and white, with the mind of a space cadet.
was is his normal habit, the wah decided he was the proud owner of my lap, and proceeded
to park his lazy butt in my lap, now the wah will not accept any excuse for me not giving him a tremenous
amount of attention, and as you can imagine, the best part of the next hour was spent stroking the wah
and his none too small feline ego.
so, as is my habit, i proceeded to bore him to death, with my thoughts and feelings on life and living.
i shared with him, about the simple beauty of the stars, the impenetrable depths of the night sky,
the coolness of the night air......
and together, we shared a time of love and caring, we spoke without words, me and my cat
he told me about his day, sleeping in the sun, sleeping in the shade, sleeping inside and sleeping outside
and about how it had worn him out so much, that he was going to have to go to sleep to rest
we shared that time together in love, we needed no words, no great deeds, no profound events
we just shared our hearts with each other.
and I want to share this with you too
it is not what you say or do that matters, it is the simple act of sharing that can help aching hearts
we all have been thru a rough time and with the support of each other, we have managed to hang in there
the effects of what has happened, will affect the world in many ways, but just by being there, we can
help to ease the pain and suffering.
just like my cat and me