Sending Energy
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sending energy

often we hear reference to the phrase * sending energy*

but what does sending energy mean?

basically sending energy is when one or more people release some of the energy to others, for healing, or to help rise energy levels, many reasons actually.

but most people who send it are not really sure, what actually happens when they send the energy

so this is a simple exercise in sending but a wide pic of what takes place when we send energy

ok, the whole world is like one immense sea of energy and it is all the same kind of energy, it is just the way in which the universal energy is used, that defines what kind of energy it becomes

negative energy is basically the * dirty washing * of the energy world

ok we have a sender, ( you sending the energy)

and a target ( the recipient of the energy)

now, there is no limit on the size of the amount of energy or the distance that it can be sent, the only limit is the amount of energy that the target can handle and when you send it.

believe me, getting a burst of energy sent to you in the middle of the night when you are trying to sleep, doesnít help people very much.

so step one, think about how much energy you are going to send to the target and why you are sending it.

sending healing energy is good but it pays to remember that the sick person is just that, sick, their energy levels are down but it also means that they canít handle too much energy,

basically why send a 24 volt battery to a person that can only handle a 1.5 volt battery.

also, it pays to remember that sometimes, trickled energy is better than a heap at once, by trickling, the body is allowed to draw in the energy as it can handle it, when we dump heaps on a person, we can throw their energy into a tail spin and that can do more harm than good.

ok sending the energy, basically there is 3 ways to send energy

direct sending

indirect sending

universal sending

with direct sending, you are focussing on the person and sending it to them with them in mind, very simple and very easy to do

indirect sending happens when you have a room of people and the energy levels merge, they will have the common ground and balance out, the more positive the energy of the people, the higher the feelings of light and love and everybody gets a boost, the more negative, people get drained and dragged down

universal sending is simply when you ask spirit or the universe to provide energy to a person or area, all energy is universal, just with different names and uses.