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The simplest technique is known as water gazing or water scrying.  The water is used as the medium to show symbols of the future. To scry, pour some water into a bowl.  Ask your question.  It is easiest to sit with your back to the light, in a darkened room.  Gaze into, but not at the water.  You can add a few drops of food coloring or ink to the water to darken it if you are using a light colored or silver bowl.


The water might become cloudy.  You can eventually begin to see symbols within the water.   Be aware of any symbols that you see.  You can interpret the symbols when no more are to be seen. 

Some people prefer to have a candle flame reflect on the surface of the water as they are scrying.  Or, you can take the bowl outside on a cloudless night and capture the reflection of the Moon or stars, either before or during your scrying session.


Water has been used in several ways to determine the future. One of these has been in use since ancient Egyptian times. Take a specific light object, such as a leaf or a slice of bread to a body of water.  Ask a yes or no question.  Throw the object into the water. If it sinks, the answer is yes; if it continues to float, the answer is no.  If it first sinks but rises and is washed up on the bank, the answer is more complex than yes or no.


You can also divine the future by using steam.  Hang a mirror on a wall and place a low table in front of it.  Place a pan of boiling water on the table before the mirror.  As the steam rises, it will cloud the mirror.  Gaze into the misty mirror and look for symbols.  As the steam condenses and drips down the mirror, you may be able to see more symbols or letters, which can be interpreted.