Opening the Kundalini
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Kundalini is most often awaken through Yoga meditation - which include
Mantra Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Laya Yoga or Kriya Yoga.  I have prepared a
meditation to help you on your path should Yoga not be available to you.
To prepare for this meditation - you might want to tape record the
words on this page to listen to as your move through the meditation.
Please speak slowly and softly.Allow lots of time for the meditation - as you will need to relax when you are finished.You may want to listen to music . . .
be in a quiet place . . .or be in nature.Find a quiet place free of distractions. . .Adjust the lighting and room temperature. . .Adjust clothing . footwear . . . eyeglasses. . . Sit down or lie down . . .Find a position that is comfortable for you . . .Quiet your mind . . . Still your thoughts . . .Relax your body . . .Your face . . . your jaw . . . relaxing . . .Your shoulders . . . your neck . . . relaxed Your arms . . . your hands . . . feel at peace. . .
Your torso . . .  your hips . . . letting go . . .Your legs . . .  your feet . . . totally relaxed . . .Focus on your breathing. . .Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose. . .Retain the breath as long as is comfortable. . .Exhale through the mouth slowly and completely. . .Repeat for two more breaths . . . or as is comfortable.Concentrate on your breathing. You may want to pratice a technique called "alternate nostril breathing." Alternate nostril breathing calms the mind and energizes  the third eye chakra. Alternate nostril breathing is performed in the  following manner. Rest the base of the palm of your right hand on your chin and your three middle fingers on your forehead; if necessary  rest your elbow on a table. Gently press closed your left nostril with your little finger and breath in through your right nostril.
Now, close  your right nostril with your thumb, and slowly breath out
through your left nostril. Next, breath in through your left nostril, while  your thumb holds the right nostril closed. Finally, breath out through you right nostril while your left nostril is held closed by your little finger.
Repeat the process over and over until your mind clears of thoughts
and is relaxed. Once your mind is quiet and relaxed rest your hands on your lap or a table and start slow deep breathing through your nose.
Eventually, you will slip into a an alpha state.If you have enough residual energy from the breathing exercises, your third eye or crown chakra will awaken, you will see brilliant flashes of light in your mind, be brought instantly out of trance state, and feel alot of bliss.While practicing any of the above exercises, you should feel no strain at all.
Now focus your attention on your chakras.Starting from the top of your head see your crown chakra opening . . .Fell your connection to spirit.
Bring in the white light  . . .Feel in enter the top of your head and slowly moving down through your spine.The white light opens your third eye chakra  . . .you may expericnes vibrant colors especially in blue, and violet . . .The white light moves down to your throat chakra  . . .releasing your blockages . . .You feel like you want to chant or sing . . .Allow the tones to resonant from your throat  . . .Do this as long as is comfortable . . .The white light now enters your heart chakra.You experience a feeling of unconditional love and understanding . . .The white light enters your solar plexus . . .Your fear . . .anger . . tensions . . .realased See the white light enter your spleen chakra . . .releasing pain and guilt in the sexual areas . . .The white light now enters your Root Chakra . . .the seat of your kundalini energy . . .It begins to activate the energy of the base (root) chakra . . .
Feel the energy suddenly emerge from your Root Chakra . . .Spiraling up through the base of your spine . . . as if it were a coiled snake.The coiled snake represents the spiraling DNA . . .opening . . . activating . . to higher levels of consciousness . . .It is primal energy . . . bright to the fore. See this energy leave through your crown chakra at top of your head . . .Experience this energy. . . Intergrate it with your entire being . . .When your are ready  . . . come back into your physical body  . . .Relax and balance for a while.You might want to drink some water.