Normal Feelings
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Your Strong Sense


Everyone prefers one sense out of sight, hearing, touch/feeling/emotion, and intuition.

When you receive information psychically, your perceive it through your favorite sense.

If you are a visual person, you will receive mostly images.

If you understand more easily through hearing, you will hear voices or words telling you the information.

If you learn more through touch, you will feel yourself in the situation.

You may also be an intuitive person who simply knows the information without it taking any specific form.

Regardless of your strength, you will probably receive some information in every form, so be open to all of it.

You will receive information best when you open all psychic senses.

Recognizing Each

Visual people prefer a variety of sights and colors.

They prefer pictures full of meaning, written directions and maps rather than verbal instructions.

 Visual people say "show me" rather than "tell me."

They are able to imagine vivid pictures and scenes. They may imagine colors and pictures when listening to music.

They also read books by picturing scenes more than by hearing the words in their heads.

Audio people are drawn to a variety of sounds.

They consider music and speech important. An audio person asks to be "told" directions and may spend

much time on the telephone.

They can get more information from listening to someone talk than from reading about a topic.

If they do read, they may whisper or hear the words in their heads as they read.

Touch people are drawn to textures, crafts, and other people.

They enjoy working with their hands and are often very good at it.

They may learn massage techniques or sports early in life.

When reading, they may follow the line with a finger to keep their place.

They care about temperature and textures.

When they shop for clothes, they care most about the feeling of the cloth.

Emotional/empathic people do something because it feels right emotionally.

 They are able to sympathize very well with friends in any emotional situation.

Friends who are not feeling well may depress them. Likewise, if they have friends who are feeling good,

they will tend to feel good also.

They understand others' situations by feeling those emotions themselves.

Some emotional people are also touch people.

Intuitive people often act on impulse, doing something because they know it is right.

Intuitive people know unquestionably that their choices are right, but may not be able to explain why.

Their information appears as sudden inspiration, but it doesn't last long.

 They enjoy games of anticipation, because they have just enough knowledge of what is coming to do well

in them.

Learning Process

Overall Process

Learning any ability is a step by step process.

Choose a skill, try it once, repeat until you are doing it properly, and then practice, practice, practice.

Practicing helps you remember how the skill feels.

If you practice riding a bicycle, you learn how it feels to pedal, where your feet go, how to steer, and how

to stop.

Bicycling feels unfamiliar the first time, but after you do it many times, it gets easier.

 After a few weeks, you can get on a bike and ride down the road without thinking about how to steer.

Psychic abilities improve with practice just the same.

You may feel awkward at first, paying attention to many details while you practice.

With time, they will get easier.

Learning a psychic ability involves remembering how it feels to use it.

Once you know how it feels, you create that same feeling later to use the ability again.

Make it Happen

The first step of learning a new psychic ability is the hardest: making it happen once.

To remember what it feels like to use the ability, you have to use it once.

 Most abilities will occur instinctively in day to day life.

You just have to watch for them, and notice when they happen.

Pay attention to subtle thoughts and gut feelings.

 If you feel you should take a different route to work or school, take it, even if you aren't sure why.

 If you get a vision of a speeding car as you near an intersection, wait a moment to see if one passes by.

When you notice yourself worrying about someone, give him or her a phone call and ask how things are


Respond to the intuitive thoughts you have.

This encourages them to happen more often and encourages you to notice them sooner.

Read about the abilities you want to learn.

Gather information on how they work.

Notice when they happen, who uses them, and what effects they cause.

 Read experimental studies of them, especially any with successful results.

Daydream about using them, and consider ways to practice them every day.

 What fun things would you use them for?

 Thinking about using them will encourage your subconscious abilities to show up more often.

As you think about the abilities and watch for them, you will begin to notice them occurring throughout

your normal daily life.

When they happen, notice your mood, surroundings, thoughts, feelings, and activities.

Remember exactly how you felt just before they happened.

On and Off

After you have an ability occurring "randomly" throughout the day, you will want to learn more control.

Start out by trying to make it happen on cue.

Recall how you feel just before an ability happens.

Try to feel exactly the same again. Don't try too hard; if you were relaxed the first time, you need to stay

relaxed and calm again.

Learn to turn the ability on and off like a light switch.

 You may not yet be able to control it when it's on.

Just practice turning it on and off.

Become open to it happening, ready to receive intuition, or whatever the ability requires.

The important part is being able to remember and cause the same feelings and thoughts.

When you can turn on the ability a few times each week, without too much hard work, you're ready to learn

more control.