Where to Start
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What is the difference between a novice, adept, journeyman, skilled man and a master??????

simple, different levels of learning and usable skills

but unlike a apprentice to a certified trades man, there is no set way to learn about using your gifts and abilities

there is no 3 or 5 year course to get you a certificate at the end now is there any nite school to help either.

what there is, is a you based learning plan

you decide the time you take and the pace at which you learn

where you seek to develop and how you feel happy growing

giggles but often it never goes to plan.

also with a wide range of gifts and abilities to use, what is the right one for you to work on and why????

most people see gifts as being

empathic being emotional energy sensitive

clairvoyant the use of E S P abilities

healer a person who can heal using many means

prophet the ability to see the future

medium the gift of talking with spirits

there are the main 5 kinds of abilities that people think of but there are many more gifts

psychic counsellor a person who can use gifts and abilities to help others

channeller a person who can let spirit communication thru them

spiritual teacher a person with awesome growth who is happy to work with people on your level with you


open, honest people are people that have the gift of loving, sharing caring and honesty, these people are the most important of all, these last lot of people who doing all the hugging and caring form the basis of the support groups and chat groups, it is these people who feel that they may be gifted at all, or undeveloped.

but, in fact these people have developed the one greatest gift, the ability to love another.

many gifts for many people, you would not get a airline pilot in to do the plumbing in your house, or get in a house demolition expert to choose the new colour scheme for your house

many gifts are like that, some people are ready to be channelers or mediums and some people are ready to be clairvoyants or healers.

finding where feels right to you and in what direction you can easily go is just a matter of looking around and trying different opinions, even if you do not decide to go in that particular direction, you still gain a little knowledge about it, so there is no great loss

giggles, when I started out, I had the awesome luck to have had possessed the abilities for many years in past life's and now it is a case of me unlocking the memories in order to use the gifts and abilities fully, it is a bit like going to a shop and buying something and once you get home, opening it, reading the instructions and realising that you already know how to use the item.

but hey, I am 30 years old and I have had to unlock the memories of some 50,000 odd years and that is no easy task, believe me

now many books will tell you how to grow and develop gifts but the problem in one book, one million people and cos every body is different, the book will only help a few people with a few things

so I sat down and asked spirit to help, the result is this, a range of simple exercises that anybody can do to develop basic gifts and at the same time, decide what direction feels right.

I love doing these exercises, cos being spiritual is like being a top athlete

a basic plan for reaching your goal and then keeping yourself at that level til you are ready to reach even further, but the athlete exercises each day and keeps him self in condition, that is how they can do the things we canít

so I wish you luck with these exercises and hope that they help