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Learn About You

                                   healing help class introduction
welcome to the class, feel free to took a seat, ( remember to put it back when you
finish with it please, and please, no farting on the seats please
for coming, I simply and happily, am going to rack my brains
to help you get wiser than me , ( I'm a male so it won't take long, giggles )
basically, healing is not just medical, physical, mental
you don't see a doctor for a bad relationship and you don't see a
for some antibiotics
well, if you do, giggles, you went to the wrong person, giggles
we are amazing and unique people
and yes, we are more than just flesh and blood
we are simply awesome
Just below the surface of our conscious lives we are multidimensional beings, functioning outside of time and space. Because time does not actually exist, all events are taking place concurrently 
 most of them outside of our third dimensional awareness.
We can access and communicate with any of the various parts of ourselves that we are capable of connecting through non-ordinary reality. This includes, our Higher Selves, Soul, Spirit, Inner Child, Past/Future Lives, Parallel Selves on third and higher dimensions. This healing involves healing not just on the physical levels but on all other levels.  
in the healing 101 classes, I hope you gain a better idea on you as you
and maybe you will be able to help you to help you and to let you grow
and live life as you.
giggles, yeah I have you on the brain giggles
good luck and enjoy