More Normal Feelings
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Life is exciting—you made the ability work!

You've gotten noticeable results once or twice, and you want more.

 Keep trying the same way you have been.

 Notice what works and what doesn't work.

 Where are your inaccuracies?

 Are some of your perceptions symbolic, instead of realistic?

Do you consistently mistake a telephone pole for a pencil?

 How do you feel about the things you get right or wrong?

You will probably feel some differences in your incorrect perceptions.

Aim for what feels right, and remember carefully how it feels.

Don't judge your results while you are still trying to receive.

This will usually cause incorrect results.

Receive everything and, if necessary, write it down so you don't forget.

 Stay open to all the perceptions, no matter how strange they seem, until you are fully done

(usually 2-10 minutes).

Don't let yourself give up early; stay confident and enthusiastic, even if you think all of it is wrong.

You may be surprised at the results.

Keep a journal of your perceptions.

 Any time you have a chance to confirm or disprove something you received, write it in.

You'll learn more from your mistakes than from your successes.

 Your mistakes show you what to improve and help you learn how to do it.

With practice, you may be able to receive details with about half or a little more of the details being totally


 Sometimes they may all be completely correct.

Practice, practice, practice.

Stay relaxed and have fun; find games to practice with daily.

Use the skills every time you get a chance.

If you can find an interested friend, talk about your experiences.

No matter what, don't give up!

Most skills will only take a few weeks or months, but even if they take longer, just keep trying.

 Practice and play!


Effects of Fear

Seances, fortune tellers, and ouji boards brings to mind dark rooms, candlelight,

 and a distinctly spooky mood.

Telling ghost stories around a campfire brings up similar feelings.

 You may feel scared, excited, or paranoid after a few such stories.

 You may feel the world is magical and different for a few minutes.

Atmosphere and mood contribute to the experience.

They direct your feelings and perceptions in a particular way, to enhance the story.

A spooky mood may help or harm, depending on your intentions.

Watch how mood affects your psychic perceptions, and learn how to use it to help get the results you


When you are scared, you spook easily, jumping at the slightest sounds.

 Your heart races and everything that moves seems threatening.

 This is a normal reaction; it kept us alive centuries ago in the wilderness.

 It still helps us now to react to balls flying at us.

However, your perceptions are sometimes inaccurate when you are scared.

You perceive and react quickly, but your perceptions may not be correct.

That creak wasn't the sound of an intruder; it was the house settling.

That shadow wasn't a bat in the house; it was only a curtain flapping in front of a fan.

The movement in the corner of your eye was your own reflection in a mirror.

 Because you are scared, the things you perceive will tend to be scary.

For accuracy and concentration, you may want to avoid spooky settings when trying to use psychic


You'll have enough doubts, fears, and new experiences to deal with.

 Once you are more experienced, you can use a spooky mood if you enjoy it.

 For now, if you get scared, your psychic abilities may perceive scary things.

If you stay relaxed, you will tend to perceive more objectively.

Mood as a Tool

Some moods are useful tools to enhance your psychic practice sessions.

A relaxed, contemplative, quiet mood works best to begin with.

It should feel slightly dreamy, or romantic like a plush room with candlelight.

It will take you away from your daily worries.

It will let you focus more completely on what you are practicing.

 Feeling a bit new and strange is okay; it'll help you focus as long as it doesn't worry you.

Create a Mood

Choose a mood to create, and think about how to best create it for yourself.

Do you want candles or dim lighting?

Do you want a soothing bath first? Do you want special music?

Will it be energetic and playful, or quiet and soothing?

 Choose a time when you can be alone for an hour, and decorate a room for your mood.

 Set up lighting, music, a fan, soft blankets, a bed sheet tent, or anything that will help the mood.

Spend at least half an hour relaxing in it.

Learn how it feels to be totally immersed in that mood.

 Let the world fall away, daydream, and enjoy.

Practice setting up moods for yourself before you practice any psychic abilities in them.

They will help you feel secure and stable while you practice.

If you feel best in the middle of a sunny field in July, the field is as good a place to relax as any other.

Lighting level only matters in how relaxed you feel.

Having practiced with various moods will help you be familiar with various states of relaxation.

Familiarity helps you be comfortable and more confident, and confidence improves your ability to learn.

Some moods to consider experimenting with are quiet, deep, trance-link, fluffy, light-headed, relaxed,

contemplative, inquisitive, hypnotic, ritualistic, and playful.

 All of these can be used with other people involved, also.

 Cooperative, interested people will make the mood much more intense, if they are respectful rather than


Unfamiliar Feelings

When you’ve challenged the fears, and you’ve started learning psychic abilities, there are many new

feelings you may encounter. Although they feel unfamiliar, they are still safe.

As you fall asleep, or as you start to go out of body, you may feel for a moment like you are falling.

This is a common feeling that is the result of your mind relaxing and letting go.

Many people experience this feeling.

It may interrupt your concentration, but it has no other effects.

Meditation can also feel different.

It may feel like a deep daydream. Your body may feel like it’s buzzing once you relax physically.

This is due to your blood flow increasing, just like it would after exercise.

It’s a normal part of relaxation.

Your body temperature may go down a little, making you cold.

This, also, is a normal part of relaxing.

Take a blanket if you tend to get cold.

As you practice any abilities, you may notice feelings in your head and forehead.

This is because you are concentrating on those areas when you use the abilities.

Relax, massage your face a little, and the feelings should be gentle.

If your head hurts, you’re probably tensing your muscles and giving yourself a headache.

Relax and take a break, and then try again without getting tense.

Trusting your feelings and avoiding fear takes time.

You must convince yourself that you have as good a chance as anyone at learning the abilities, and that it

is possible to learn them.

You are just as good as anyone else. Practice, practice, and keep practicing.

Stay enthusiastic and relaxed, and you’ll make fast progress.

Experiences that shake up your ideas can certainly be scary at first.

That doesn't mean they’re dangerous.

 Learning the truth is useful, and there’s no need to fear it.

Trust the change without feeling threatened.

Your new abilities are simply giving you extra information.

Sometimes this feels like being a toddler, just beginning to explore a vast world of new things.

You will need something stable and safe to return to after a bit of exploring.

Choose a special place or routine to return to each day.

Lighting a candle to relax for a few minutes each night is one routine.

Familiarity provides security, safety, and relaxation after a very intense period of learning.


Your perceptions will change along with your beliefs.

 Energy flows, emotional relationships, and spiritual interactions between people appear much more


Humanity and philosophy may become more important.

 Astral projection and out-of-body experiences sometimes accompany this.

You may have more interest in spiritual values and ethics.

You’ll also continue to gain perceptive abilities.

Some of this may be uncomfortable because it’s unfamiliar.

You can work through those discomforts once you realize you have them.

You may have trouble learning abilities related to uncomfortable or scary experiences.

Once you know what scares you, consider whether it’s realistic, and challenge any unrealistic fears.

You may find that after a period of practice, you develop several new skills at once.

Then you have some time to work with them and gain comfort before another set of skills begins to


 Skills tend to develop in waves.

 Practice will improve your psychic interactions, auras, and perception of events at a distance.

As you perceive and work with the psychic energy around you,

you will have an increasingly strong effect on people.

They will notice and consider more seriously the things you do.

You may re-evaluate your beliefs to make decisions on your interactions with other people.

You may reconsider your place in learning from and teaching.