Meditation for Being One with the Creator
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Imagine a golden tube going up and down your spine, this is where the main energy flow for your body is.
Now visualize a golden white ball above your head, see it sinking through this tube into your solar plexus. Watch this ball grow, like the sun in your solar plexus, finally filling your entire body.
Expand the glow to your aura, filling it completely with a golden light. Enjoy the warmth and connection. Expand the glow to fill the room in which you are sitting. Then, fill the whole building. Continue to expand the glow to fill your neighborhood, town, country, the continent, the earth and beyond. Expand the glow out to meet the moon and the stars. See yourself as one with the universe, and therefore, one with The Creator.
Keeping your light shining brightly, now gently and slowly, step by step as you expanded it, bring the light back in. Bring with it all the light and knowledge of the universe. Feel the charge that surrounds you. Know that you are one with The Creator.