Magic and Psi Abilities
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Magick, in this context, refers to using rituals, objects, or habits to cause changes, either in a person's

mind and attitude, or in the world.

 It may involve invoking a higher power to do work for you, or using a ritual to bring forth power within

you to do work.

Some religions use magical ceremonies for blessings, rites of passage, and recognition.

 Examples would be baptism, communion, weddings and hand-fastings, prayers, rain dances, and some



The traditions around magick vary greatly.

Most Christian traditions have magical ceremonies of various sorts, conducted by the priest or pastor, and

involving sometimes an entire congregation.

They may not be referred to as magick, but the rites fit the definition, involve God's power in some way,

and have a purpose in the minds of the people involved.

Most Christian traditions restrict the use of magick to only religious officials, and only in the ways defined

by the church.

They discourage general people from pursuing psychic perceptions, and especially from practicing ritual

magick without the church.

Other religions, such as Wicca, are much more open about who can use magick.

 Wicca is a nature-loving religion with a God and a Goddess.

 Its basic message is as long as you harm no one, do whatever you want.

 It supports the use of rituals to help you think differently, to accomplish things, and accepts the existence

of psychic perception.

There are many other religions that support psychic abilities and ritual magick.

Magick and Psi

Magick and psychic abilities are related but somewhat different.

Psychic abilities come entirely from within, and are generally under the control of the person involved.

Magick can come from within or from other sources, and may or may not be entirely controlled.

They are two similar but different ways of causing changes in the world.

They often work well together, because ritual is especially helpful for setting a mood that psi will work in