Love is
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Love is: 

Love is a conscious choice. Be awake and you can choose in every moment to love everything and to love everyone. Or you can be asleep and you can choose who and what to love in an unconscious way.

When you are asleep love seems to be something that is external to you. Love seems to come out of nowhere.

When you are awake you know that love is something that is a part of you. Love seems to come from everywhere and everything and everyone.

You can choose love in every instant.

You can choose love in ever moment.

You can choose love in every relationship.

We are all the children of the light. We are all beautiful wonderful enlightened beings. We are magnificent and beautiful and sacred and holy and blessed. We are all brilliant stars burning with the light of pure love.

When you open you eyes to love you can see every one in the world this way. When you open your eyes to love you can see yourself in this way.

You will know and say to yourself, "I am the light, just as every human being on the face of the earth is the light."

We are all the children of the light. We are all innocent. We are all worthy of the eternal, everlasting, perfect, unconditional love

Right now in this very instant you are loved perfectly. We are all loved. Love is limitless and boundless and endless. If flows down from heaven in every instant.

We are all surrounded by love.

We are enveloped by love just as a fish is enveloped in the ocean.

Love is a part of us just as ocean water is part of that fish.

We cannot live without love inside of us.

Just as the fish could not live were there no water inside of it.

We cannot live outside of love.

Just as the fish cannot live outside of the ocean.

We are all full of love. Only we do not recognize love as love. We are blind to love. We do not see that there is love everywhere. There is love in every person. There is love in every moment. We have only to open our eyes and see that love that is all around us and inside of us. We are all enlightened beings of pure love.

Fear is the anticipation of a loss of love. But we cannot lose love. Love is inside us. There is limitless love, endless love, boundless love inside of us. The love of Spirit is inside of us.

You can experience that perfect unconditional love that is inside of you. You can experience the perfect love that is outside of you.

Come out of slumber. Wake up. When you are awake then you can make your own choices. You can choice love. You can chose love in every instant. There is an infinite power inside of you.

Come out of your sleep where you choice love in an unconscious way, and choice love in an active conscious way.

Love will never force you to do anything. You are free to choose love or to not chose love. This is free will. This is why even though we are surrounded by love we do not have to experience it. It is only by choosing love that you experience it. You can chose love right here and now. You can live a life of endless boundless limitless love.

You can be happy and joyful and blissful every moment of every day. When you chose love in every instant you will experience this. You will be in love with the entire world.

You will experience love, the way Spirit experiences love. Perfectly.