Keeping Yourself Safe
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Shutdown means stopping all psychic activity, totally but temporarily.

Closing all psychic perceptions lets you stop to understand what you have experienced.

It helps you recover from emotional surprise or shock and return to reality.

When psychic experiences frighten you, take a step back and relax.


 Consider whether you really need to shut down, or whether you’d do better to think things over.

 Shutting down means you will have to completely stop thinking about what happened.

 Sometimes this may not be helpful.

If thinking about the experience bothers you too much, or makes your energy feel bad, go ahead and shut down for a while.

If, instead, you can stop using the ability for a few minutes, sit back, and think, do that instead.

Shutting down all abilities is an extreme step.

It can always be reversed, but it will take some effort to open again.

The section on personal changes discusses frightening experiences in detail.

Shutting Down

Shutdown happens when you focus all conscious thought toward the physical world.

Become involved with other people, being social and discussing fun things.

Do physical activity; walk around, stretch, jog, or do anything else that makes you more aware of your physical body.

 Let thoughts of the psychic experiences float away like a dream and stop worrying about them.

If you like games, programming, writing, art, etc., do that.

Do anything you can think of to keep yourself occupied, without memories of psychic experiences

distracting you from it.

Returning to Psi

When you are ready to use psychic abilities again, start opening your perceptions as you would when you first practice any psychic ability.

You can do this at any time, whenever you are comfortable and ready.

Dealing with Shock

Information and new experiences can be frightening.

Try to find someone you trust to discuss things with. Realize that some of your perceptions may be

inaccurate, especially if you were scared when you started.

If the perceptions really are true, what’s the absolute worst that could happen?

Is the worst something life threatening?

 How likely is it to be true?

How reasonable is it?

If you received information about a person, is it something you have to tell them?

Would they believe you, or would it be better to wait and see what happens?



Grounding connects your energy to the earth in a stable, secure way.

 Ground to get rid of unwanted energy and take in clean, balanced energy.

When you are well grounded, drawing energy through yourself is easier.

Any time you are working with energy, grounding makes it easier.

Letting Go

First, let go of all the tension you can, relax your shoulders, calm yourself, and focus on what you are doing.

 Bring your attention to the current time and place.

Let all the active energy you have release, and any that you don't want drain down off of you into the earth.

Slow down and take a deep calm breath.


Extend your own energy down into the earth while keeping it also connected to you.

Feel your energy as streamers or roots extending deep into the earth, as anchors.

These roots balance your energy, so you're not dizzy, and they give and take energy to keep your overall level steady.

When stressed, you may not anchor very well.

 Ground and stabilize your anchor to reduce the feelings of stress.

Releasing Negativity

Drain your unwanted energy down through the anchors into the earth.

 The more strongly you anchor, the better your energy balance will be.

More energy will flow through you smoothly, without feelings of tightness or nervousness.



Centering means finding your own identity and essence.

This is you, separate from the influences of societal expectations and pressures.

It can enhance shielding or make them unnecessary.

It allows you to perceive energy clearly.

It keeps you emotionally stable as you encounter new things.

Finding Center

Finding your center will be easiest when alone.

Find some quiet time, where you can be alone for at least 30 minutes.

 Do what you can to prevent interruptions.

Turn off the TV, radio, etc.

 Turn off the telephone ringer and let an answering machine answer instead.

Sit quietly for a few minutes, just breathing and noticing yourself.

Pay attention to how you feel and why.

 Let each feeling surface and then pass on without judgement.

Recognize your stream of thought and let it flow.

 Notice how your body feels and looks, and any tension you are carrying.

Notice your daydreams, ideas, and everything that is a part of you.

Also, notice anything you are feeling that may be imposed on you by others.

 Look for tension, pressure, or expectations.

Notice how you have reacted to them, and what your feelings are in response.

There's no need to change anything unless you want to.

Just be aware of these things.

Consider the things you want separate from the things others want for you.

As you do this, you will get a stronger feeling of yourself.

With time, you'll recognize more quickly what is a part of who you are, and what is temporary or societal.

This will help prevent empathic flooding, and increase control of energy work you do.

Staying Centered in Crowds

With practice, you will be able to pause for a few seconds to center yourself in almost any circumstance.

If you tend to be susceptible to empathic overload, staying centered in crowds will reduce the flooding.

It may take practice to get good at, but will help significantly.

You may find that you have trouble staying centered around certain people.

Their pushiness, their ideas, and their feelings overwhelm you.

 When you notice this happening, strengthen your grounding and centering.

 Stay as strong, stable, and calm as you can.

 Once you learn to shield, you may also want to add a shield around yourself.

The shield will keep your energy separate from theirs, and give you more distance from them.

The section on shields discusses this in more detail.