Keeping Safe
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Blocks Shileds and Grounding
Grounding and Centering

Since the birth of man, conflict and warfare have been second nature to us, a inbreed desire to win at all costs, even if we gain nothing and lose everything.

starting off with hands and feets, then clubs and rocks, to spears and swords, cannons to rockets, missiles and finally the immense nuke missile that can burn your tea in a microsecond, and give you the worse tan ever.

mankind has had a annoying habit of creating more powerful and deadly weapons to gain that thing that they call their right to rule.

many, many lives lost in the process of trying to win rule over a earth that they are destroying anyway.

but after many stupid wars and dumb conflicts, man realised that the most deadly weapon ( and some say the most stupid ) is actually mankind.

spiritual and psychic gifts have existed with man for centuries, and been used for healing and guiding many of the worlds people, sure, many people have died cos they were kind enough to care and got burned at the stake as witches cos some person got a bee in their bonnet.

healing and caring go hand in hand with love and kindness

then one day, somebody sat down and thought,

HEY we have people with awesome powers and gifts, I wonder if we can get them to use the gifts to hurt and harm people?

( btw if anybody knows who this person is, tell me, I wanna have a few words with them and the words are not pleasant)

so, a few heads got together and said ok lets check this out

end result??????

a disciplined and mind screwed psychic warrior, a person capable of doing damage where no other weapon can, your mind

sad but true, psychic warriors and psychic weaponry do exist

we can sit there and say, karma will prevail or live by the sword, die by the sword, but the fact still remains, there is a threat out there, that is more dangerous than your inter-continental flying microwave

the C.I.A worked with people then claimed that it did not work so they canned the idea.

giggles but like so many government depts, the project is ended and many years later, the depts are still developing and using the people and their skills.


cos the idea was right and does work, and work damm well

what was once a peaceful and loving psychic healer has now become a demented lunatic with gifts that can and do kill

who ever in the back row, just yelled out BS, try this on for size

energy vampire

invasive scanner

empathic deviant

kinetic energy manipulator

dream state manipulator

astral traveller

witch doctor

dark knight

black magic witch

ok some names you will recognize, others you may not

ever been in a room with people and all of a sudden you feel really tired and sluggish, when you were fine all day????


ever been somewhere and while of a sudden got a headache like nothing you have ever had been and it screws up your thoughts


ever been around people who affect you and you can stop crying or feeling down, confused, really moody or just really unsettled and unbalanced?????


ever had your car try to drive itself, machinery start and stop or always malfunction, vehicles that drive themselves or maybe stop dead for no reason at all, then later start and go for months without any trouble


ever had unexplained nightmares, freaky day dreams, fear of going to sleep cos you hate dreaming now, when you used to love dreaming

horrific dreams that cause you to wake up screaming


ever had people appear in your room or near you, then disappear and scare the hell out of you, movement where nobody is standing

the strange feeling that somebody is standing behind you and watching you


ok I can name heaps more but I think you are getting the point

it is like a 2 edged sword, the same gifts that help and heal can be used to hurt and harm, horrifying thought isnít it??

basic things like consideration and respect are some of the things we expect people to have and also something we should have, but when it comes to psychic warfare, well, it is like asking the thunderstorm not to rain on the washing on the line

shielding helps to protect you and crystals and protective amulets are good too, but believe me, psychic warfare is common place and easily to do and hard to detect than most things in our heads.

ok, a lot of people ask how I know a lot of things about them, that they have never told me.

simple, I am a smart arse with gifts giggles but with a code of ethics too

rule one, never enter a persons head unless there is first a need, then permission is given, then only in the areas that are affected, then wipe our memory, yeah that's right, I clear my mind, cos what is in your mind, belongs in your mind and that is where it stays

rule two, a home is a mans castle, never overstep the normal boundaries unless absolutely necessary.

rule three do not use psychic energy as a weapon, even in self defence

ok, I do admit that i break the third rule, for my friends and only if and when I sense a volatile threat to them and others

my method is simple, shield my friends and unsettle the offender til they back off

the internet has opened up a can of worms, new technology and new ways to live, a better way of life.

and the psychic warriors power base is increased too

so much energy floating around, unfocussed and easy to manipulate

grounding and shielding are your best defence and trust your instincts, any bodies energy is like their blood and d n a, it doesnít match yours and will cause changes in your energy

and by knowing yourself well, it will be able to sense a outside interference coming in.

having been a martial artist for many years and coming from a military background, I learnt about focussed power and energy and strategic defences and now, as a psychic and spiritual gifted person,

I know, only too well, how to use anything around me as a defence or weapon.

but the problem is this, most people do not know how to shield or defend and even less about counter attacking.

I can sit here and be a smart ass cos i have that knowledge and heaps of it, but also, I have the respect for people and love of everybody, I am not going to throw that away simply cos I wanna be a psychic warrior

sure in the rooms, I do use my gifts to counter attack, but for others protection only.

bare in mind that not everybody has the same nature and some people love causing strife and suffering, now, often people can be picked out in rooms or in real life, their mannerisms will give them away normally, they are pricks or aggressive, something shows up that marks they as warriors.

but, then we come to the most dangerous psychic warrior around, the illusionist, this person is lethal.

like myself they are kind and caring friendly and loving, and that is where the comparison ends.

why???? cos it is a front, a damm good one but a front.

it is like a shield, it hides the true nature from people

they appear to be awesome and genuine people but deep down, they are very unhappy and twisted.

I get past that by being honest and open, I am not afraid to open up to people and admit, i get hurt and angry and why i am that way

but, also, I let my energy talk with me, neg energy in me would leave a tell tale sign during healings and that is how people can tell that i am genuine

now, there is a big difference between a person that is hiding something and a illusionist, and the difference is simple

one has a reason for hiding the problem, normally they are not ready to deal with it.

the other, doesnít want you to know that they are actually a nasty piece of work.

again, I can only stress this so much.

use shielding and blocks in the net rooms and for Christ sakes, remember to trust your instincts.

you may think that you are wrong but it is better than finding out you are right and that it is too late to stop a lot of the damage that psychic warriors can do

learn to know yourself and be safe

hugs ya and loves ya heaps, poet