Inner Child Meditation
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This meditation needs time and quiet to be done properly, you can have a friend talk you through this or tape it for yourself to do alone.

Take three deep/cleansing breaths.
Feel your body release all tensions, from the feet, to the calves, thighs, hips, up and through to the chest, throat, head and face, remove all tension from your fingers, hands, lower and upper arms.

Having released all tension from your entire body, take a further three deep/cleansing breaths.
Take yourself to a place that is calming for you, a place where you feel free and able to express yourself, a beach, a forest, valley or mountain, but it must be 'your' special place.

Ask for your Inner Child to come to you at this quiet/loving place.
See the child walking towards you from a small distance away, observe him/her as they come closer, start your understanding as you see her/him moving towards you, is this a buoyant, confident child with head and shoulders straight or is this child dragging the feet as if unsure. What kind of child has been hiding in you?

When the child gets within a few metres of you, fill your heart with love for the "little you" and send that love from your heart to the childs heart, send it like it was coming from a lazer (heart) gun. Notice what happens when the child is "shot" with this love, is there a difference? Do you notice more trust, more acceptance of this adult that he/she is unsure of?

After you have made your observations, surround yourself and the Inner Child in two separate loving coccoons of pink light (for some the colour may be pure white, go with whatever loving colour appears, don't deliberately try to change the colour, just let it happen). Look at your child and hold your arms out to him/her and see her/him move towards you with their arms also outstretched, hug your child for as long as you need.

When you have gained this connection, take your child to where you can be comfortable in your inner sanctum, perhaps you will sit on a seat together or walk along hand in hand, however, you must be touching in some way, (children feel comforted when a big, strong, loving adult can hold them in some way).

Let the child talk, let him/her cry, rant, rave, even scream, if it is needed. (Children have funny ways of expressing their pain sometimes).

Whatever your child tells you, be loving and compassionate, know that these decisions and observations were made at a time in your life when you didn't have the benefit of experience. If there are questions asked of you that you haven't worked out yet, admit this to the child and promise to return when the answer is made available to you.

Spend as much time as you need with your Inner Child and when you are ready to come back, kiss or hug your child, know that you are now one and will be together, know that your child will come out in you at times in your life when childish happiness is needed. Take three cleansing breaths and return to your meditation place. Immediately write as much down as you can remember for you are then able to refer back to it later.

(This meditation can be emotionally draining for both of you, however, that's what evolving is all about isn't it, getting under all that