How Can I Tell If I'm Psychic?
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Psychic Events

Paranormal or Not?

You may experience things that seem to be paranormal.

Careful investigation will usually show you whether it is normal or paranormal.

Consider two things when you investigate each event.

 Does any normal explanation fully explain the event?

Does the event provide otherwise unknown information, or seemingly impossible movement or events?

The first step is to investigate all normal causes for an event.

If an object moved, look for wind that could do it.

Were there people who might have thrown or dropped it?

Were there vibrations from large vehicles driving by?

 A weak nail could cause a picture to fall off a wall, and this would certainly not be psychic.

Does the event provide any new information?

Could that information have been gained normally, such as overhearing a whisper?

If there is no normal explanation for the occurrence, then it may be paranormal.

 You can use the form below to record the important information if you want to keep a record.

You may recognize a pattern to the events after you keep a record for a while.

Types of Events

Grouping events into categories can help you understand the event.

Each section below explains what is paranormal and what isn't.


Intuition means "just knowing" something without images, words, or touches.

Intuitive messages are often warnings for safety, instructions to follow, gut feelings, and hunches.


These are sometimes called hallucinations.

 They are psychic only if nothing is causing the vision, sound, or sensation.

They are not dangerous if you know you are healthy and they don't interfere with your life.


Visions are similar to imagination or daydreams.

Visions are mental ideas that enter your mind as images.

Visions include auras, ghosts, and dreams.

Visions include out of body experiences and astral projection.

Visions include clairvoyance and remote viewing.

Visions will not be images you see with your eyes or reflections on glass

Visions will not include after-images from eyestrain.

Visions will not include the lines you see with your eyes closed (those are blood vessels).


Sound perceptions are information that arrives as words and tones.

Sound perceptions are words, names, instructions, and phrases that give useful information.

Sound perceptions are not rushing or ringing sounds in your ears (this just normal blood flow).

Sound perceptions are not sounds that occur naturally and you hear.

Touches and Emotions

Feeling perceptions include the sensation of touch, when none occurred.

Feeling perceptions include mood changes in you that aren't your own feelings.

Feeling perceptions include cold or warm "ghost" touches.

Feeling perceptions include pressure sensations when touching psychic energy.

Feeling perceptions are not actual touches (see the section on psychokinesis for this).

Feeling perceptions are not shivers from normal wind drafts.

Feeling perceptions are not emotional changes due to fatigue or hunger.

Feeling perceptions are not feelings due to adrenaline or excitement.

Psychokinesis, Movement, and Alterations

These are changes of physical objects, such as movement, floating, breaking, mending, vanishing, and appearing.

They also include invisible touches, where a visible dent can be seen.

When you investigate carefully, you'll usually find a normal explanation.

Check for wind gusts, drafts, breaking or weak nails and hangers, lopsided shelves, and objects off balance

. Consider normal ways to cause the same movement.

However, scientists have recorded real movement and touches that have no physical explanation, so some

of these events are paranormal.

One common kind is a poltergeist, which translates as "noisy ghost."

 This includes cases where objects move around as if a ghost were moving them.

This is usually unrecognized psychokinesis caused by a living person.

If the person doesn't want psychokinesis, a counselor can help.

 Once the person learns to deal with stress better, the psychokinesis usually stops.


Telepathy is any communication between people or animals that does not occur by the normal senses. It can convey images, sounds, words, names, ideas, feelings, and emotions. It happens most often between emotionally close people, such as families, lovers, best friends, and pets.

Telepathy is not body language, whispers, voice inflection, lip reading, or any normal communication. If the people communicating are far apart and separated by walls, then telepathy may be a reasonable explanation.


Synchronicity is when an event occurs at exactly the right time.

 This may mean that people meet unexpectedly, just when they needed to talk.

It can be accounted for as coincidence, but it may also involve telepathy or other psychic abilities.

It is difficult to measure since there is no "chance" to compare against.

Some cases of synchronicity can be explained by telepathy. Some can be explained as coincidence.

The rest are still a mystery.