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Games and Practical Uses II

Combining Abilities

Practical uses of psychic abilities rarely involve only one ability.

 For that reason, I'm grouping together the abilities that are frequently used together, and listing some of

their common uses.

 There will always be more uses for them than I can list; be creative, try things, and see what works for


Aura Vision and Aura Healing

These abilities can show the emotional state and overall health of a person, animal, or plant.

 They can help diagnose medical problems, areas needing attention or energy, relieve cramps, assist

massage, and encourage healing when combined with traditional medicine.

(They are never a replacement, but often a good partner.)

Aura vision can also identify whether a person is honest, relaxed, hidden, frightened, or lying.

Telepathy, Projection, Remote Viewing

These can be used to communicate with friends or family who are far away or for any reason unreachable.

Like seeing or speaking, they can be used to learn nearly anything: current location and activities,

opinions, experiences, interests, etc.

They can be used to find lost pets and missing objects (keys, socks, and toys).

They can be used for anything you think of asking.

With some practice, you can do the same


This game combines empathy, telepathy, and remote viewing, since it's difficult to separate them.

The goal is for the receiver to accurately describe a picture that the sender is looking at.

One person is the sender, and chooses a fairly complex picture out of a book, magazine, art collection, web

 page, etc.

The picture should include at least four objects, and it is best if it also has emotional impact.

The sender says, "Ready," and then both the sender and receiver are quiet until the receiver is done.

The receiver writes down any objects or descriptions he or she receives, and draws a simple sketch of their

arrangement in the picture.

Crayons, colored pencils, markers, or pens can be used.

 If the receiver is very young and hasn't learned to read/write yet, just draw pictures and be ready to

describe what each item is.

After the receiver has drawn the picture and is done receiving, get together and compare pictures.

 Discuss how well they match or are different, and how both people felt as they practiced.

 You might be surprised at the similarities!


This game combines telepathy and astral projection.

 The goal is for the participants to all explore one astral area together.

 The area can be the creation of one of the group, or it can be something created by someone else.

If no one has an idea what to create, roll dice and pick something from this list.

 Then create it as you go.


Location Choice






Fancy Mansion/Ballroom


Log cabin/Campfire


Outer space/Alien Planet



After someone has chosen and created an astral place, the group arrives and starts to explore.

 Each person should describe what he or she sees, aloud to the group.

It may take some practice to stay in projection, while talking physically, but it is certainly possible.

Explore and have fun discussing as long as everyone is comfortable and not too tired.

 This is usually easiest if everyone keeps his or her eyes closed.

For an advanced version of this, everyone projects together, but does not discuss what they see until they

are all done (about 10-15 minutes later).

Hide and Seek

This game is the same as normal hide-and-seek, with everyone hiding and one person finding them.

The difference is that psychic perceptions are encouraged.

It uses aura vision to watch for hidden people, and telepathy and remote viewing to try to locate people.

Anyone hiding will need to either shield very strongly, or shutdown, to be harder to find.

For a more advanced version, each person who is found helps look for other people.

The person who stayed hidden the longest is the seeker next time.

Other Games

Many other games can be invented, and variations used.

 Traditional dice games give a place to practice psychokinesis.

 Card games give a chance for empathy and telepathy practice.

 Try anything that seems fun.