Having Fun With Your Gifts
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Games and Practical Uses I


This is useful when you are dealing with a stressful person or situation.

It helps clear your mind, focus your attention and energy, eliminate distractions, and keep you stable.

It's also very necessary before you begin to use any advanced skill.


Shielding is useful for many things.

 It can help you move through crowds.

 People will feel the edge of the shield and move away, often without realizing why.

A shield set around a room will alert you when anyone crosses it.

 And, a shield can reduce the effects of highly emotional situations and other psychics nearby.

Overusing a shield may make you feel tired, however.

 So, if you use it a lot during the day, spend some time each night letting it relax and soften. You don't need

to feel defensive all of the time.

Relax, play, and center instead of shielding each evening.

Game Preparation

Everyone participating should ground and center before starting the games.

 Sit in a circle, and watch each other's energy until everyone is grounded and centered.

None of these games have a winner or loser.

They're cooperative for fun and practice. Discuss everyone's experiences as you play.

Energy Fountain

The goal of this game is to see how much energy a person can draw before he or she gets unstable and the

 flow collapses.

It practices staying well grounded and holding a large energy flow.

Draw a little energy in from the ground, funnel it upward through your body,

and out your head like a fountain.

Stay well grounded and balanced.

Gradually increase the amount of energy moving through you.

 Over a few minutes, try to move as much energy as you can.

It's okay to get lightheaded or giggly, as long as your energy is still stable.

When you can't increase the energy any more, or when the energy column collapses because you got

dizzy, drop all the energy into the ground and relax.

 Lower your energy level and ground a lot until you're comfortable again.

 Then let the next person try.

When you are watching someone make a fountain, practice seeing and feeling his or her energy.

 Notice if he or she wobbles or stays grounded.

Simon Says Shielding

The purpose of this game is to practice matching a description with your shields.

One person is chosen as the leader, and names a type of shield for everyone to create, such as soap

bubbles, tire rubber, brick wall, metal armor, fuzzy blankets, spider webs, etc.

Everyone in the group spends a few minutes trying out that kind of shield, making it as strong and stable

 as possible.

Then the next person around the circle names a different type of shield, and everyone tries that.

Go around the circle as long as it's fun, and discuss how the shields felt each time.

Psiball Passing

This game practices stabilizing energy while letting go of it.

One or two people create a strong psiball between their hands.

Then they pass it to another person in the group, who adds energy, and passes it on.

 See how strong you can make it.

Try varying the thickness and temperature.

 Notice how the energy changes, as each person contributes.

Psiball Splat

This game practices stabilizing energy while directing it through an area.

Each person creates psiballs and throws them against the walls of the room, like throwing sticky goo.

 Vary the energy in the psiballs, and let the energy remain on the walls as you throw them.

If you want, say aloud what your psiball is made of just before you throw it.

("Soapy sponge! &Splat")

After a few minutes, look around psychically and notice all the energy splats everywhere.

When you're done, take turns "washing" the walls off with a spray of energy from the palm of your hand,

like a garden hose. Let all the energy soak in to the ground, and ground yourself.

For a more advanced version of this game, create the psiballs and throw them without using your