Energised Body Parts
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Energised body parts

I love doing this exercise, giggles with practise you become capable of creating things with the energy in your body and also changing the energy to become things, like animals for example.

now this exercise is basically about learning to control the flow of energy thru your body and manipulating the energy into forms of different energy

ok, giggles, you can do this, standing or sitting, anywhere, anything

relax fully and breath, breathing is important, ever tried not breathing, giggles, you donít last long

with your eye shut, let the energy just flow thru your body and around you

step one, practising drawing in energy and pushing it out thru your chakras,

til you feel at ease working with the energy and can feel it working its magic in you.

step two, think about what you are seeking to do or create with the energy, in this exercise, we are going to create a dancing flame in your hand.

( now the flame cannot hurt you or burn you as it is created by using your energy, but as you get stronger, you will be able to create more tense flames and people will be able to feel the warmth and heat of the flame)

I can create a flame that can be seen and can burn people.

but that took about 26 months of practise

step 3, in your mind, visual your flame, it can be any colour and shape and size.

( once you get more practise in, you will be able to use different energies from the chakras to create different flames and use then to cleanse your aura or remove blocks, even to help heal other people)

step 4 now comes the interesting part, you need to hold out your hand , open and palm facing up, and let the energy flow thru the hand chakras

now in your minds eye, see the energy taking the shape and colour of the flame in your mind and visual it in your hand

step 5 once you have the flame in your hand, and can feel the energy of the flame, move it around your hand, feeling the sensation of the flame moving around your hand

step 6 try changing the colour and shape and size of the flame

step 7 move it from hand to hand

ok you are on your way now, you can practise using anything that you wish as a energy form.

later as you become really good, you will be able to create the image anywhere any time

and now for the last step, using a real candle, sit and focus on the real flame, then using your energy, reach out and take the real flame and draw its energy into your hand, can you feel the heat and light of the real flame?

last but not least, love the energy and respect as part of your own body