Elemental power
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Nature Spirits
The Elemental Kingdom
Geopathic Stress and the Elementals

Elemental power

all thru time mankind had been awed by the awesome power of the elementals, wind, earth, fire water

each element is its self is awesome, the power that they contain is far dangerous than anything man can create, and yet, they are also essential to our survive of the realm.

ways are sought to control the elements, such as the rain, or the fury of a bushfire always without success, giggles, it is like trying to make a whisper heard at a rock concert.

but man has never stopped trying to control the elements, yet control is not the thing to do, we have as much chance of controlling the elements, as a politician does of telling the truth in plain english

elemental control is beyond our human capabilities, or is it????

many times we are taught to power and force makes control, well yeah in some cases it does, but we are not talk about the school bully here, giggles

shaman, over the years have worked with the elements, note I said worked with, not controlled

how is that possible?

simple, shaman accepted the elemental power as a spiritual power, and as a friend, to be respected and not to be abused, friends will not be friends if you try abusing them and controlling them.

in spirituality we learn that each thing has life, and we need to respect that life, the idea that everything do not feel or know, is actually BS

you massacre a tree and see how long it takes to grow again, take the same tree, hug it and cherish it and you will see the difference

the elements are like that too, the awesome power of fire is also warmth in a fireplace, the awesome power of rivers and stream is flood also are the gentle running tap water we drive( without 10 ton of chemicals added)

the fury of the howling winds is also and the air we breath and the shaking of the earth in earthquakes, well, have you ever tried walking on water????

balance is the key, we can work with the elements as they work with us and like people, they need respect too

the shaman could do a rain dance and 90 % of the time it would rain, well if the rain dance was not done in death valley that is.

and they honoured the rain spirit with their dance, basically honoured the life of the water and asked to the great spirit, now, the shaman respected all the elements and were peaceful people, sure there were rough times and good times, but on a whole, they worked in with nature and respected nature.

out of that respect, they learnt how to work with the elements and ask for their needs only, never asking for anything more, ever seen a rain dance to fill up a dam?

the elements work together with us, we water the garden but donít drown it

( well we try not to) and in turn it carries our crops til harvest.

fire may be destructive but it also clears the land for the new seedlings and plants to grow, we enjoy the new growth and renewed energy of the earth after fire has cleared it.

and yeah the elements play a big part with us too, the zodiac contain the 4 groups elemental signs

earth= capricorn, virgo, taurus

fire = aries, leo, sagittarius

water = scorpio cancer, pisces

air = gemini, libra, aquarius

( btw poet is a libra, giggles I E: airhead giggles)

like the elementals of nature, each zodiac element has its only characteristics

and traits

following are 4 elements and a way to work with them in mediation or just if you wish to try working with the elements, have fun and enjoy them please


wind         earth          fire            water