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earth, easiest to work with, most used element next to air, and most abused element.

the earth element, to man is the most important element, with air

those two are our basis for living, without them, we would be swimming and gasping for breath.

earth, gives us a place to walk, play run, stand, grow crops, in fact, earth gives us our world upon which we live.

now working with the earth element is something a lot of us can do without realising it, be it grounding and centering or doing the gardens

earth has given its bounty of crystals and gems to us to enjoy and use, and it is about time we give something back to earth as a way of saying thanks

this exercise can be done in some many ways, it is amazing

a few examples,

working in the garden, hugging a tree, sitting with a bowl of earth

sharing with a crystal, tending crops.................

basically, I am going to use a garden for this exercise so that i can best show you what the awesome power of earth is about

now, remember to relax and breath, sit where you feel comfortable, and place your hands on the soil and shut your eyes

feeling the soil in your hands, open your self up totally to the earth and allow energies to merge together

the earth is like a awesome compost bin, it takes our neg energies and recycles them, same as we recycle kitchen scraps back into the soil.

allow yourself to feel the earth energy ground you and draw it into its arms and hold you close, earth spirit is a stable and gentle spirit and also, a spirit of growth energy and support and provides us with many means of communication.

as you run your hands thru the soil, you will be able to feel the living energies in the earth and that is the essence of earth spirit

we call the land mother earth and it is quite true, the earth is like a mother to us, nurturing and loving us heaps

earth spirit will draw you into the folds of the earth and share with you the powerful energies of the buried crystals and the awesome growth energies in the soil, hell, the earth is one great living world below our feet that we often forget about

by allowing ourselves to merge with earth spirit, we open up a link that allows us to ground easier and be more stable, all we have to do in return is help the earth spirit by keeping the land free of chemicals and things that may harm the soil contents

earth shows us love by the energies of growth that go into our plants and trees, the more we can and share with earth spirit, the more our plants grow and bloom.

earth teaches us about balance and sharing with each other

you cannot nurture a good relationship/friendship with negative energies

it is the same with earth spirit, you canít expect beautiful flowers and plants if you donít respect and listen to earth spirit and just dump heaps of rubbish in the earth.

with earth spirit comes, sharing and balance, talking and listening to earth spirit teaches us to open up and become more alert to people and earth spirit, tending plants and flowers is the same as tending our lives,

earth spirit has a lot to teach you, and now matter what way you work with earth spirit, if you are open to earth spirit, you will find that you gain the energies of many things

so hug a tree, plant a flower or relax in the grass and allow earth spirit to love you as you learn to love earth spirit