Drawing Energy
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Drawing Energy


Psychic energy is a strengthening, encouraging energy that exists in nature.

You will need psychic energy to use psychic abilities.

 Energy comes from many sources, including the sun, moon, earth, nature, water, wind, storms, fire,

emotions, and movement.

People carry energy with them at all times.

 However, this energy can become drained as you use your abilities.

Because of this, having other energy sources to draw from can help you avoid getting too tired.

Choose a Source

Choose an energy source you enjoy to draw energy from.

Feel energy from that source flowing into you.

You can picture it as a garden hose pouring energy into you, or as a waterfall all around you.

You might picture it as light surrounding and filling you, or a fire warming you.

The energy surrounds and fills you, raising your energy to a much stronger level.

As you feel the energy flow through you, relax and focus on staying balanced.

Donít hold the energy in; let it flow through.

Bottling it up will stop the flow.

Raise the energy strength as far as you can comfortably go.

 Then, hold the energy flow at that speed and strength for a few minutes.

 Practice holding it stable.

Too Much Energy

If you begin to feel lightheaded, imagine a connection into the ground to let go of the excess energy.

Lightheadedness usually means that you have too much energy and need to let some of it go back into the

earth, like grounding an electrical system.

 As you draw energy, take only what feels appropriate.

 Don't force it; just gently draw the energy.

Forcing it will only make it more difficult to get the right amount of energy.


When you are done, you will want to finish comfortably.

Direct the energy flow back into the ground. Let the intensity gradually reduce.

 Send the energy securely into the ground, and bring yourself back to a normal state of mind.

Close it down until it feels fully settled.

Then let go of the final bit, and relax.



A shield is a bubble of energy that works like a window screen.

 It filters the energy that moves through it and defends against otherís negative energy.

 It also prevents people with psychic abilities from using them with you.

Shields help empaths keep others' emotions separate from their own.


Begin by clearly thinking through your purpose for the shield.

Why do you want a shield?

 What exactly do you want it to do?

 Will it keep out all energy, or just bad energy?

Will it be temporary, or will it be permanent?

Will it only be defensive, or will it attack in response to negative energy?

Once you have a clear intent, begin drawing energy and swirling it around you.

 Picture the energy as anything you wish.

Common visualizations are soap bubbles, waterfalls, balls of light, fire, trees/vines, crystals, feathered

wings or fur, tank metal, and armor.

 Choose an image that you enjoy thinking about and that isnít cramped or heavy.

Swirl the energy around you.

When you feel the shield is strong enough, let go.

 It will maintain itself with whatever purpose you gave it as you created it.

 If the shield depletes over time, repeat to add more energy.


A shield can have many effects, alone or in combination.

A shield can keep energy on one side or the other, or act as a filter to allow only certain energy inside.

It can convert energy from one form to another so that a filter is unnecessary.

 Shields help empaths keep out some of the extra emotional energy so they don't feel overwhelmed.

Shields also define boundaries in the physical world, which people will usually not to cross.

Often they wonít even realize why they stopped there.

The edge of a shield works as a psychic alarm.

When someone physically crosses it, the shield gives the owner a psychic warning that someone is


Shields cause any effects you intend them to have when you create them.

Just like any psychic ability, energy follows thought.

Whatever you think about when you create the shield affects how it is created.

Shield effects are not at all limited to what is listed here; anything you can think of, you can do.


Stress sometimes interferes with maintaining a shield.

Under normal circumstances, a shield maintains itself for quite a while.

However, large amounts of negative energy, attacks, illness, and lack of sleep all weaken a shield.

This section explains how to maintain a shield under stressful conditions.

Daily Stress

Daily stress is the most common difficulty with shielding.

While a shield often prevents psychic energy from adding to the stress, eventually the shield weakens.

More rest, planned time alone, meditation, and avoiding stress are the best cures.

 Daily or weekly meditation replenishes a drained shield and helps relax you.

Empathic Overload

Empathic overload is similar to, but can be more intense than, normal stress.

Large crowds, schools, and cities are filled with intense emotional energy.

 Empaths who are particularly sensitive to this learn to build very strong shields to keep other people's

emotions separate from their own.

The first few days of an emotionally intense environment can be particularly tiring if the empath has not

yet made a strong enough shield.

Meditation and self-examination are important to protect from the empathic pounding of emotionally

intense environments.

 Meditation helps relieve the stress and emotional energy in a controlled way.

 It also gives time to identify the difference between empathic emotions and personal emotions.

By identifying yourself carefully (especially emotionally), you add an extra layer to the shield which

 defines "self" and "other."

This helps external emotions bounce off harmlessly.

Electromagnetic Fields

Sometimes electromagnetic fields, from power lines or electronic equipment, can tear at a shield and cause

it to weaken.

 If a person has grown up near power lines, his or her shield may already be adjusted to compensate.

For people who have just entered electric fields, though, it can be rather intense.

Experiment with drawing energy from the field and changing it into a more useful form of energy.

 Also, try matching your own energy to the existing electricity.

With some practice, adjusting your shield to that energy takes little effort.

Psychic Battle

Shields also become weakened by psychic battles.

Though most people will never need to deal with this, some can't avoid it.

 They may have known they were dealing with it before ever reading a book on psychic abilities.

Shielding is a natural defense to psychic attacks.

During psychic battle, people hold their shields in place by willpower and energy.

 Willpower controls the shield the most.

 Calm confidence is the best way to prevent a shield from being drained.

If you are uncomfortable trusting in your own endurance, trust in the universe to do what is best for you,

whether or not that is protection.

If the shield does feeling drained, draw additional energy from a comfortable source to replenish it.

 Keep drawing until you know you are safe.

If you cannot hold up the strength any longer, place your psychic self some place safe (or even shut

down) to avoid being attacked.

A safe place is any place, real or imagined, where you feel secure.

Attack rarely causes any symptoms worse than a headache, but headaches can be bad.

Avoiding fighting is best.


Creating Psiballs


Psiballs are balls of psychic energy.

 They can be any size, density, shape, texture, etc.

They can be used to carry information, investigate an area, heal, warm, or cool an area, or simply to play

with and to practice energy control.

Shaping Energy

Draw energy and direct it outward through your hands.

Cup your hands as if you were holding a baseball or a ball of cookie dough, with one hand below it and

one above it.

Picture the energy flowing from your body, through your arms, and out through your hands.

Feel the energy swirling and building up between your hands.

Make the energy into a ball between your hands, making it denser as you add energy.

It doesn't matter whether your eyes are open or closed - do whichever is comfortable for you.

Let yourself feel the energy between your hands.

 Notice any push or pull between your hands, any difference in heat, changing density of the air, sparks of

light, waviness of the background behind the energy ball, or anything else that changes.

If you have difficulty creating a strong enough psiball to feel, try drawing more energy and adding that

 energy to it.

It may take practice to make a strong enough psiball to physically see waviness in the air, but you should

 be able to feel it quickly.

Do not worry if you only feel it, and can not see it; that is normal.

You may feel a lot of heat between your hands; this means you have drawn energy through them properly.

The sensations you feel may be very slight: tingles, pressure, or tightness. Trust your sensations.

You're learning both to shape energy and to perceive it, at once.

 Both take some time to gain confidence with.

If you think you felt something, you probably did.

Learning Control

After you are comfortable making a psiball, try working with friends.

 Each person starts by creating his or her own psiball.

Then combine all of the psiballs into the center of the circle.

Each person continues to add energy to the center.

After a few minutes, discuss how each person perceives the energy.

As a group, try changing the temperature or the density of the energy.

Practice regularly to improve your speed at creating psiballs and your control of them.

As you become more comfortable making them, try variations.

Make shapes other than a ball; try fire, a pool of water, a crystal, and any other shape you can imagine.

Try changing the temperature of the energy, making it extra warm or extra cool. Make the energy carry

different emotions, being agitated, or soothing.

If you have a willing partner, try using an energy ball to tickle them.

Make a large energy ball of happy energy, and cover a friend in it.

 If you do it with a willing friend, but at a time they don't know what's happening, you can see how

strongly it affects how they feel.

 (This often has the effect of making the receiver very happy and bouncy,

as if they've had too much sugar or caffeine.)

The energy can also be used to heal, by keeping the intention of healing as you create the ball and share the energy with someone.

Psiballs don't have many "practical" uses - their primary purpose is to learn basic energy perception and


Beyond that, they can be used in all the same ways any energy can.