The Circle T'ao
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Circle T'ao Dragon Pheonix Meditation
Circle T'ao Illusion

The circle Tíao

Many parts, If not all of a persons life will involve energy, be it thinking, moving, breathing etc etc.

energy is a natural part of the circle of life

physical, mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual.

energies of one energy, universal energy

but it works for us or do we work for it?

the answer is simple, both, it is balance

tai chi is the well recognized symbol of balance

yin and yang male and female, light and dark, good and bad, positive and negative.

and tai chi is also a symbol of energies.

for many spiritualists, energy is light, love and healing and for shields, reading, sharing etc.

but the key is balance.

each person is like a great array of scales, each set for balance within its specific areas.

if we take 3 sets of scales and called them, say





now we look at each set closely

emotions- love, displeasure, happiness, sadness, laughter, tears

thoughts- angry, sad, sharing, jealous, understanding, confusion

health- fighting fit, run down, healing, sliding, well, ill

each set of scales has a purpose

to balance things out, so we look at each set of scales and we have the balance point, and we look either side at the varying range of energy un balance

lets look


love, happiness, laughter










sharing, understanding, uplifting





jealous, confusion




fighting fit, healing






run down,




wow, 3 sets of scales and they all have the same point of balance, they have the epi-center of life

many of us aim for the good feelings and we do not realise that we fall further.

peacefulness is the aim for many people who meditation yet in life, they aim towards the positive style of life and try to get the balance there.

try this, look at a seesaw, visualise paradise at one end and hell at the other and now stand at one end.

ok, we have a problem, the other end is up in the air,

ok fix prob,

hey, you, yeah, you, the one I believe is going to help me balance on this seesaw, get on the other end.

prob fixed, or is it???

ok the other person and you have it balanced and that is good, but what is they want go up and so do you,


hmmmmm lets take a seat for a moment and really think about this, you can take one end and they take the other, hmmm that works, but you both want to go up.

ok, the seesaw has two ends, takes two people to balance it, ok.

ok one person canít balance it by getting on one end, and sitting there, hmmmm.

hey, I have a idea, what if one person gets on the center of the seesaw.

it may not be perfect but one person can keep the balance.

wow, amazing isnít it.

ok, you may think, but I want to be happy, sure good for it.

lets look at that

happy 80% balance 0% unhappy 20%

its looks good and possible, all it takes is spending all your time seeking to stay happy.

try this one

40% happy balance 20% unhappy 40%

hey, I know, you want the first one, yeah I do too

but here is the butt kicker, sorry

you spent 80% of your time being happy and when you hit the 20% unhappy, it will hurt, and the first thing you will do is freak and seek the happiness again.

but also cos you spent all ya time being happy, your energy is geared towards being happy and man will it be a real dent in the ground when you fall, cos you have no safeguard to help you and believe me its a bloody long way down, I know, I fell, and we are talking 14 years recovery and learning not to be so stupid

now, I use the second plan, i am healthy, and doing well, why??

I seek calmness and peace.... hey i donít always get it but I accept that, but I enjoy being happy more cos i find pleasure in simple things.

also, the unhappy times are not that bad cos I accept they will come.

my energy is balanced, I seek balance in myself and in turn it comes in my life.

and that is the first step of the circle tao, finding your balance in you and hey the rest shall follow


the shields grow stronger, cos you learn a shield is not a solid wall, hit a solid wall with a wrecking ball, it will break and crumble.

a flexible shield is stronger cos it will flex and adjust to pressures.

your gifts grow well and you gain more, why? cos you are learning your bodies abilities better and using them more.

you feel better, your body loves the clean energy and it flows better with the energy, cos the chakras are open and not blocked

you gain understanding of you as you

and every part of you, and soon you can feel energies that are not yours and you think ok, this person is feeling un balanced and down and YOU can help them learn the circle tíao.

ok lol, what actually is the circle?

it is this

higher self


your outer body YOU your inner body


inner child

there is no right or wrong answer to the circle

no right or wrong way, the circle is you, you are the circle.

the circle Tíao is made up of a set of exercises using the 7 elements,

wind, water, fire, earth, wood. metal, spirit

now each element has a unique quality to it and that quality is what makes it different from the rest, but also, adaptable with the others.

you can use it for, balancing and clearing chakras and auras, shielding, meditation, grounding, basically anything you wish

the circle tíao comes your exercise, for your level.

each element works in different ways but with its unique quality, it can be a force on its own.

the following list will give you a rough idea of the base quality of each element

water - cleansing and clearing

wind - moving, changing, adapting

fire - power, removing, raw power

earth - grounding, new bed for growth

wood- beauty, steady growth, storing lessons

metal - solidity, shielding

spirit - you, your deity, your relationship with all things spiritual

as a individual element, they are awesome, but combining them brings a new power and energy together for you.

it is not a one off exercise, you can use the circle tíao for life and still not reach the highest level of each element and combine them all.

thatís fine, plenty of lives to go.

everybody has a different level of spirituality and growth, and some may be more advanced than others but the circle tíao is not about how advanced people are, its about learning about you and your energy, gifts and life.

now I have bored you to tears and its time for you to step forth now,

btw there is no book or script on the face of the earth that can tell you what to expect or how to do it right.

simply, each person is different and each experience is different, somebody may write a book about how you WILL feel this or that and thatís bs, personally, I have never seen a book that has ever come close to what I have felt and seen, using the circle Tíao

so, I simply say ENJOY