Blocks Shileds and Grounding
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Blocks and shielding

Many times, people hear about blocks and shielding, and it is a interesting area of a persons life, they have given many ideas to people about what the words actually mean to us, but there is a lot of confusion about what they actually mean and are to us, in this post, I will try to clear up some of the myths and ideas surrounding two of the biggest parts of the human nature.

Ok, we hear the term; block used a lot, in articles, posts, items and chat rooms, but what are blocks?

There are 4 main types of block

The block we use to stop people getting close to us, emotional, mentally, physically. Similar to shielding.

The block we use as a form of shielding to prevent people stepping on our toes

The block that stops us doing things we want to do in life

The blocks that can be emotional or mental like a barrier

Ok let us look at the first block, a personal zone block.

We all have a comfort zone, surrounded by a buffer zone, this is our personal space, our turf so to speak, intrude and look out.

This comfort zone has about 4 levels





Each person is different in his or her zones; this is just an idea

Say for example each zone has a 2-foot zone,

People are ok up to the 6ft zone, before they are too close

Friends are ok up to the 4ft zone, before they are too close

Close friends/family are ok up to the 2ft zone

Lovers/partners are ok really close and intimate

Now energy can play a great deal in this area of us, some people have energy we can feel real good around and they can get really close

And some people have energy that rubs us up the wrong way and we get nervous and uncomfortable around them.

Ok your personal comfort zone is like a house, and you are in the house.

And you are ok with certain people coming into the house; you have set ideas and standards of what is ok and what is not.

Now if somebody in the past has hurt you and disturbed you in your house

You are going to be nervous about letting a new person enter your house.

It can be anybody in your life, but the result is the same.

You are going to stop people getting close to you in your house, and you will shut apart of the house up so you are not disturb so much.

How does this work?

A comment, remark, action or anything can be seen as intruding on your turf and in your house, and you will try action, such as

Going silent

Ignoring people

Avoiding people

Avoiding going to places where you may meet people that make you feel nervous

Avoid talking about certain things to people.

This is normal behaviour for people and yeah you are normal

This kind of block is similar as the second kind of block, a shielding block to stop people get close, wall can put up *walls* I.E. not talking about certain things, or avoiding issues, avoiding contact with people and things like that.

These kinds of walls are saying, back off, you are too close/ I feel nervous, you are too close/I feel threatened by you/ you are scaring me.

It can be any reason, but people can and do react in many ways, some times, even using abuse, and verbal attacks to get people to back away

Now, a lot of people will see you are distressed and back off, some will need a hint, some people will need a clear sign and some need a baseball around the head. Giggles that last one is drastic but true, I have seen people ignore others privacy and personal space and charge right in headfirst.

Please, bare in mind, everybody has their personal space and yeah some seen to have none, while others are very nervous, respect people as you seek to be respected, there is nothing worse than somebody invading your space is.

Some people can and do drain energy and some have strong energy, we do place walls and block up against people like this, cos they see nothing wrong with mentally and psychically invading peopleís space, this is calling blocking

The full block around you are called shielding.

Ok before we talk about shielding, I want to spend a little time on the last 2 kinds of blocks, ok now these kind of blocks are the same but different.

Blocks that stop us living our lives are in two areas, personal and external

Personal blocks can be health wise, emotional, mental, sex, age, and fear.

External blocks can be other people, transport, where you live.

These can stop us going out, working, meeting people, and living a normal life

I, personally, battled a shyness block for many years, that stopped me going near people, this was brought about by low self-esteem and self-confidence.

Now I have counselled many people over the years and I have seen many kinds and forms of blocks in ppl, they can and are caused by many, many things, but

Verbal, physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse, no matter how small and simple, no matter how long ago, are the main reasons for blocks that stop people opening up, talking, sharing, living, being free.

And it is a shame to see so many people suffer and miss out on so much of life and its beauty.

Now, there is NON-INVASIVE contact, I use this a lot,







Ok, how does this work?

I hug a lot over the net and people who have been had trouble, open up to me, why?

Ok for a start, I use pink in the chat rooms; giggles yeah pink, why?

Cos pink is a sensitive colour and a non-threatening colour

Hugging, giggling, blushing and smiling are non- invasive forms of contact and ladies have come to realise that Iím just happy to be friends and willing to talk openly and not get defensive

we do get attacked by people in the rooms but I do not seek to intrude in peoples space and so they are happy to relax the blocks to me, in return, I do not overstep the boundaries and nor do I take them for granted.

Opening up and lowering blocks are hard for anybody and some people donít open easily, ok DONíT push them, we all have our reasons for our actions and we all have our space; respect goes a long way.


What, how and why

Shielding is the same in a lot of ways to blocks, but what exactly is shielding?

Shielding is the term we use to describe a barrier placed around us for a lot of reasons; these reasons can be anything.

Deflecting negative energy

Protecting ourselves from unwanted readings or *scanning's*

Protecting ourselves from people who seek to drain our energy, there is a term used to describe people like them (energy vampires)

As you can see, shielding is needed a lot of the time and yeah it is important to shield.

Ok, you just told us what shielding is but how do we do it?

Ok a shield is like a invisible wall of energy around us, and yeah, everybody has one, to an experienced energy worker, it is visible as a glow.

The more energy in it, the more it can deflect and repel other forms of unwanted energy.

A lot of people say use light as a shield for it can withstand anything, giggles

but I can easily sense light energy shielding cos I work on such a high energy level, higher than most peoples shielding do.

The kind of energy that people will generally back off from is neg energy, giggles

But some people feed on others energy (energy vampire)

Now a shield is like any other form of defence, it will have a weakness, so I have listed forms of shielding that I encounter a lot and their weaknesses

Common shielding: weakness:

Light only as powerful as the person using it and it has

Weaknesses, such as a drained person, mental fatigue

Self doubt, self-esteem, low self confidence, lack of knowledge on creating shielding energy only as powerful as the person using it and it have weaknesses, such as a drained person, mental fatigue self doubt, esteem, low self confidence, lack of knowledge on creating shielding, same as light shields

Faith this kind of shielding is based on beliefs of god will protect you, well sorry but I have never seen any kind of faith shield that works very well unless you are careful with whom you have contact

Spirit guides now you are talking, animals guides and spirit guides can and do protect you a lot, I do see them around ppl and yeah they do protect ppl. they will warn you on problems and obstacles and get advise

Crystal, mirror, block all forms of good shielding, crystal shielding works by reflecting back at the person, parts of them that they hate seeing, dark and neg energy shielding is powerful but dangerous, you trap neg energy around you and any light filled person will back off and alert you to the need to cleanse, and yeah the built up neg energy can affect you


Less common kinds of shielding are, dual energy shielding, false energy shielding

Inter dimension shielding, and twin person shielding.

Dual energy shielding is when you can use female and male energy together as a shield and a weapon, by changing the energy around you can cause people to feel things that cause them to back off, it is mainly effective against people with unstable emotional problems

False energy shielding is when you create a false energy flow around you and people can and do sense the wrong thing off you, works against unwanted scanning's and readings

Inter-dimension shielding is highly effective and one of the hardest to crack and create, you use it by separating your mind, body and spirit into different levels

Twin person shielding is damm hard to use, you create a image of a person around you, so clear, that others thinks they are in contact with you and not a energy image.

I personally use a form of shielding that took many, many, many years to create and perfect, it is the ability to weave many forms and kinds of energy into a single, ever changing orb of energy, I use all kinds of energy and I have never encounter another person that uses it the way I do, it is a open shield around me and people tell me they crack it all the time, giggles, sorry, but this energy you cracked is not my energy, giggles, but I will not tell you why or how.

ok, well you wanna create a shield, ok, my best advise is to create not one,

but 3 shields, light, spirit guides and common sense.

the light helps to keep away neg energy

spirit guides and angels can take out entities and neg energy

Common sense, if you are under attack or getting drained, donít just sit there,

Reach out for help.

for a basic light shield, use controlled breathing, and visual a peaceful place in ya mind, visual light filling that place and you, so that the peace is flowing thru you and the place you have created, then, visual that light in you, and filling ya chakra, then flowing around you like a skin, then filling ya aura totally and flowing out form ya aura, and around the person/s that you may wish to help or defend against.

Spirit guides, talk to them, ask them for help to shield and to protect you, ask them to help and draw in ppl to help you, they will help you and protect you

Common sense, use ya brain

Using shielding can and does take practise and a lot of it, it is not uncommon for ppl to think they are shielded, when they are not shielded and they wonder why they get knocked about and drained so badly.

It comes down to knowing yourself and sensing what is going on in and around you, if you are getting drained or attacked and sit there and do nothing, well then, you are a fool and you cannot blame anybody apart from yourself

Good luck and may your shielding be strong