Auras 1
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Welcome To The Basic Aura class 101
(The base state aura)
The base aura
( what a *aurable* pic, giggles )
This is a normal day to day aura, they can and do change on a daily basis
the different colours show different emtional and mental energies in the aura
and yeah, they are in a constant state of change.
for a break of the colours and the meanings, read further, giggles
the green and blue show that I was going through a state of deep emotional
cleansing and healing,
the blue being the * water * element, washing away all the emotional crap
in my life,
the green representing the ( awesome ) healing I was undergoing,
the red in this aura, actually represents, the new me energy coming out
it is the energy of the base charkra,( birth and reproductive organs)
basically I was being reborn as a new me ( without all the crap)
so as you can see, not much of a aura, giggles, but hey, that is the aura
you, often, have read by people, ( boring huh?) all that money to being
told that the colors match how you feel, giggles, what a bummer.
Welcome To The Basic Aura Class 102
(The life state aura)
ya late, giggles, traffic???, yeah, this website is bad at rush hour.
I know, I know another * aurable* pic, giggles
you are saying, being there, seen that, brought the t-shirt, giggles, only $19.95
well, you are wrong, na na na na , giggles, yeah you have seen the colours
and in pretty much the same pattern, giggles, but that is the difference
this is a life aura pic, giggles, your life in a aura, giggles, and this shows
what you are doing in your life in the ways of growth and lifestyle
the yellow around the head shows clearly, the spiritual awareness of things
it is entering the crown chakra, which means that I am actually doing
* channeling* ( allowing the immense wisdom and knowledge of the spiritual
realm to enter my body instead of just me using my brain)
it is like being able to * plug* into the contents of the worlds libraries, giggles
the light green represents a healing ability ( also channeled ) it is the ability to
heal people in life and when combined with the spiritual awareness, I can
see the prob, what what is causing it and how to help the person, cool huh??
the darker blue represents a inner knowledge of things, like *secrets*
knowledge that we can possess in us but we never read in a book or saw on t.v
it also ( in this aura ) represents intuition teaching ability, learning and growth
giggles, hence people say we are always learning and growing
the dark green represents a bond and knowledge of nature, and a earth connection
basically, a lot of wicca people have this and gardeners too
pink, yeah, giggles pink ( hard to see, but on the outside of the aura)
love, loving, recieving love working with UNCONDITIONAL love
love is the single most important thing to people, you needed love before you 
needed money, or a job, or the hassles of love,
be it parents or siblings, love is the ultimate gift in life
congradulations, you have made it to here with out falling asleep, giggles
and yeah that is the two main levels of the aura, giggles,
yes there is a third level and that is the possibly least known level
for the chance to be a complete know it all, make your way to the welcome to the basic aura class 103 giggles, and time, please try not to get caught in the traffic, giggles
Welcome To Basic Auras 103
The Spiritual State Aura
( healing energy aura )
Light blue = spiritual guidance, intuition, wisdom knowledge,awareness
(for diagnosis of the DIS-EASE of the person)
Red = energy, focussed and unused, waiting to be worked, loving energy
Yellow= life force energy and channel to higher self
Purple= intuitive spiritual connection ( channel for spirit guides to work through me )
Green= healing cape ( I use a lot of different capes, this one is often used with my
shamans cloak and astral travelling cape)
this aura you see, is a energised state aura
the lady who saw this aura around me, was watching me doing a healing session
on the internet, as you will notice the energy is of a higher level than the
base level and life auras, the reason for this is,
I seperate from the *world* realm and exist in the spiritual realm
to better access the required energies needed for the healing
also, the auric field is bigger and brighter too, this is cos of the
energies I am using in the healing, they are the right energies needed
to perform healing on the person
Welcome To The Basic
Aura Class 104
( The * Soul* Aura Class )
ah, I see you made it here, well done. have a seat and we shall begin
well,as you can see, this aura is different from the other two, and yeah you are right about that
this is a rarely seen aura, giggles, cos this is a
* soul* or higher self aura, this is you as you are
spiritually, outside of your body, giggles
and yeah you are awesome too.
the energy is not cloudy or streaked, ok
cos the energy is totally spiritually and way above
the level of normal living, hence the first two auras
are not as bright or colorful.
let us look at the colours of the aura
purple is the color of the cloak behind me,
it is my astral traveling cloak, I use it to travel
anywhere in space, time and people.
yeah I said people, by travelling with that cape, I can exist in any form,ANYWHERE I choose, awesome huh??
brown is the colour of the shamans cape,
it runs across my chest, and it is the knowledge of mankind, emotional patterns, thoughts, ways of life,
anything that man does. I, using that cape, can understand the whys wheres and hows of life
aqua, around the feet, in the mother earth connection
that is what I use to *ground* , cos it is around the feet, it means I am grounding all the time, not having to stop and ground, giggles, lucky bugger
light blue is the colour of healing abilities, within my *soul* is the unlimited knowledge of healing, in many forms
dark blue, is teaching and intuition, unlimited wisdom and knowledge
light green is growth and development, the more I work with my spiritual side, the more I grow into my fullest potential
pink, giggles love unconditional channelled love, a eternal flow of love for you
yellow is spiritual awareness and connection
and if you notice the silver *crown* that is channelled with the love,
well giggles, that silver lining is the knowledge and wisdom direct from the spiritual realm,
it simply means that I can sit here, picking my nose
and the knowledge is still flowing into me,
in plain english, it means I grow wiser by the second
thank you very much for taking the time to bore yourself stupid and almost fall asleep, giggles
you now have a basic understanding of auras and charkras and are gonna come looking for me and pick my brains, giggles
hugs ya and loves ya spellweaving poet

The Aura   The Aura
The Human Aura

The aura (see photographs above) is easier to see than the chakras. It emanates through the skin (not the pores) as unprocessed energy. Kirlian photography, which was invented in Russia, enables pictures of the aura to be taken. A healthy aura includes all the colors of the rainbow. When there is a physical, emotional or spiritual imbalance this can be seen in the aura as impure colors. These impurities can be seen in the aura far in advance of any physical symptoms of an illness. Unless the source of imbalance is dealt with physical illness will manifest.