Astral Projection
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In astral projection the astral body leaves the physical. The astral body is one of seven bodies we all have - as we are all multi-dimensional. These bodies include the physical, mental, causal, etheric, emotional, spiritual.

What I have found is that some people can astral project naturally - and have been doing it for years. Other people are afraid to leave the physical body and struggle with it never being able to astral project.

In astral projection you remain attached by a silver "umbilical type" cord to your physical body - though you may not see it. You travel out and are aware of things you encounter along the way.

To astral project, as with all out-of-body experiences one must feel totally relaxed, clothing fitting comfortable, reclining is best. Often some thing warm is best over the body as the physical body sometimes gets cold when you travel out.

a lot of ppl prefer to do it in bed and it is safe to do

it is possible to astral travel while you are wide open, I do this a lot, I can travel anywhere in the known universe and Unknown universe.

astral travel is like a deep state of meditation and is similar to a dream state

a lot of ppl can actually astral travel but do not know they have done it cos they are

too caught up in the probs of life and they do not recall the memories of it cos the memories are buried deep in their heads.

I will soon add a few ways to improve your chances of astral travelling but at this stage I recommend trying meditation til you feel comfortable with the idea of running around with no body cos it is a big step for you