Animal Guides Of The Earth
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Animal Guides Of The Earth

Aye-Aye's Wisdom Includes:

· Ability to use non-conformity to ones advantage

· Use of appearance

· Ability to see in the dark

Antelope's Wisdom Includes:

· Understanding the conversation of death

· Value of strong survival skills

· Ability to leap over obstacles

· Swiftness

· Gentleness

· Connection to the earth

Anteater's Wisdom Includes:

· Ability to find lost objects

· Connection to the insect world

· Ability to smell out trouble before seeing it

· Understanding the value of "rooting around" to find solutions

Armadillo's Wisdom Includes:

· Understanding your personal boundary

· Respecting the boundaries of others

· Carrying your protection with you at all times

· Understanding your vulnerabilities

· Empathy

· Discrimination

Baboon's Wisdom Includes:

· Defense of family

· Sacred to the God Thoth (God of wisdom)

· Sacred to the God Hapi (God of the Nile

Badger's Wisdom Includes:

· Keeper of stories

· Bold Self-Expresssion

· Aggressiveness

· Single-mindedness

· Passion

· Cunning

· Revenge

· Perseverance

· Control

· Antidote to passivity or victimization

· Persistence in the service of a mission

· Groundedness

· Knowledge of the earth

· Earth magick and wisdom

· Creative action in a crisis

· Protection of rights and spiritual idea

Bear's Wisdom Includes:

· Introspection

· Healing

· Solitude

· Change

· Communication with Spirit

· Death and rebirth

· Transformation

· Astral travel

· Creature of dreams, shamans and mystics

· Visionaries

· Defense and revenge

· Wisdom

Beaver's Wisdom Includes:

· Maintaining the ability to be productive in all ways by not limiting your options

· Being persistent

· Using available resources

· Using alternate ways of doing tasks

· Master builder of all things

· Not damming the flow of experiences in life

· Achievement through completion of tasks

· Understanding dynamics of group work

Binturong/Bearcat's Wisdom Includes:

· Communication by alternative means

· Ability to interchange senses – i.e. replace vision with smell

· Solitude

· Defense of personal space

· Ability to see in dark places

· Territoriality

Black Jaguar's Wisdom Includes :

· Keeper of the circular time continuum

· Gatekeeper to the Unknowable

· All wisdom listed above for Jaguar

Black Panther's Wisdom Includes:

· Astral travel

· Guardian energy

· Symbol of the feminine

· Understanding of death

· Reclaiming ones power

· Ability to know the dark

· Death and rebirth

Bobcat's Wisdom Includes:

· Clear vision in dark places

· Vigilance

· Suspicion

· Seeking ancient mystical mysteries

· Ability to live in solitude

· Ability to see through masks

Buffalo/Bison's Wisdom Includes:

· Earth Creativity

· Feminine courage

· Generosity

· Hospitality

· Sharing work

· Courage

· Strength

· Challenge

· Survival

· Giving for the greater good

· Formulating beneficial plans

· Abundance

· Knowledge

Bush Baby's Wisdom Includes:

· Ability to see in darkness

· Proper use of terrritory

· Quick movement

· Ability to adapt

Camel/Dromedary's Wisdom Includes:

· Learning to walk in the shifting sands of time

· Understanding the vastness of space

· Ability to save for future use

· Understanding the value of water as a life force

· Transforming the burdens we carry

Caracal/Desert Lynx/Red Lynx' Wisdom Includes:

· Speed

· Agility

· Shyness

· Intelligence

· Expert hunter of birds

Caribou/Reindeer's Wisdom Includes:

· Connection to home over long distances

· Power of wandering

· Protection while traveling

· Social skills

· Retention of ones power in group situations

· Ability to go long periods in the dark

Cheetah's Wisdom Includes:

· Brotherhood

· Elusiveness

· Ability to focus intently on something for a short period of time

· Swiftness

· Self-esteem

· Accelerating time

· Keenness of sight

Chimpanzee's Wisdom Includes:

· Intelligence

· Understanding societal complexity

· Language skills

· Dexterity

· Connection to the forest spirits

· Problem solving

· Ability to balance compassion and aggression

Chipmunk's Wisdom Includes:

· Gathering

· Ability to regulate usage

· Saving for future use

· Mobility by carrying your nourishment (both spiritual and physical) with you.

· Ability to see both light and shadow

Civet's Wisdom Includes:

· Love of solitude

· Effect use of pheromones

· Connection to the night

Clouded Leopard's Wisdom Includes:

· Elusiveness

· Effective use of the power of seclusion

· Ability to hide family secrets

· Understands the perils of beauty

· Expert climber

· Good swimmer

Cougar/Mountain Lion/Puma's Wisdom Includes:

· Using leadership power wisely and without ego

· Balancing power, intention, strength

· Gaining self-confidence

· Freedom from guilt

Cow/Bull's Wisdom Includes:

· Being alert to danger

· Contentment

· Cow: Connection to the Great Mother Goddess

· Love

· Connection to the grasses

· Sharing through community

· Bull: Ability to stand your ground

Coyote's Wisdom Includes:

· Understanding that all things are sacred--yet nothing is sacred

· Teaching that only when all masks have fallen will we connect with the Source

· Intelligence

· Singing humans into being

· Childhood trust in truth

· Teaching us how to rear our young

· Brings rain

· Ability to laugh at one’s own mistakes

· Placing the North Star

· Shape-shifting

· Teaching balance between risk and safety

· Illumination

· Stealth

Deer/Hart's Wisdom Includes:

· Gentleness in word, thought and touch

· Ability to listen

· Grace and appreciation for the beauty of balance

· Understanding of what's necessary for survival

· Power of gratitude and giving

· Ability to sacrifice for the higher good

· Connection to the woodland goddess

· Alternative paths to a goal

Dhole/Asisan Whistling Dog's Wisdom Includes:

· Communal living

· Adaptability

· Use of voice

· Intelligence

· Individuality

· Coordination

· Ability to remain unique

· Understanding persecution

Dingo's Wisdom Includes:

· Reborn Human Soul

· Assistance in hunting

· Finding warmth in cold situations

· Companionship

· Tracking skills

· Loyalty

· Understanding silence

· Finding the truth

· Protection

· Willingness to follow through

· Correct use of intuition

Dog's Wisdom Includes:

· Heals emotional wounds in humans

· Understanding of the duality of doubt and faith

· Companionship

· Unquestioned loyalty

· Love

· Knowledge of all things sensual

· Protection

· Ability of smell trouble from a distance

Donkey/Ass/Burro's Wisdom Includes:

· Stubbornness

· Ability to make decisions

· Refusing to move when you know it isn’t right

· Saying "no" to others

· Ignoring others opinions

Domestic Cat's Wisdom Includes:

· Independence

· Seeing the unseen

· Protection

· Love

· Allows us to dream its dreams

· Assists in meditation

· Ability to fight when cornered

Elephant's Wisdom Includes:

· Strength

· Royalty

· Connection to ancient wisdom

· Removal of obstacles and barriers

· Confidence

· Patience

· Using education opportunities

Elk's Wisdom Includes:

· Stamina

· Strength

· Sensual passion

· Honoring those of your gender

· Ability to pace oneself in tasks

Fox's Wisdom Includes:

· Shapeshifting

· Cleverness

· Observational skills

· Cunning

· Stealth

· Camouflage

· Feminine courage

· Invisibility

· Ability to observe unseen

· Persistence

· Gentleness

· Swiftness

· Access to ancient knowledge

Gazelle's Wisdom Includes:

· Speed

· Agility

· Beauty

· Grace

· Vertical movement

· Ability to maneuver

Giraffe's Wisdom Includes:

· Sees far into the future

· Ability to reach things that are unreachable to others

· Communication

· Intuition

· Ability to remain above the fray

Goat's Wisdom Includes:

· Abundance

· Independence

· Surefootedness

· Removing guilty feelings

· Understanding nature energies and beings

· Seeking new heights

· Agility

Gorilla's Wisdom Includes:

· Intelligence

· Gentleness

· Maternal instinct

· Use of speech

· Benevolence

Guinea Pig/Hampster's Wisdom Includes:

· Gentleness

· Humane treatment of others

· Love

· Responsibility

Hedgehog's Wisdom Includes:

· Wisdom of the female elders

· Fertility

· Defense against negativity

· Enjoyment of life

· Understanding weather patterns

Hoopoe's Wisdom Includes:

· Appropriate wearing of crowns/laurels/fame

· Cleansing oneself

· Connection to the Earth

· Teaches how to use odor as defense

· The value of tunneling as a means of escape

Hippopotamus's Wisdom Includes:

· Proper use of aggression

· Ability to move gracefully through emotions

· Mother-fury when necessary

· Birth of new ideas

· Protection of family

Horse/Pony/Mustang's Wisdom Includes:

· Power

· Stamina

· Endurance

· Faithfulness

· Freedom to run free

· Control of the environment

· Awareness of power achieved with true cooperation

· Interspecies communication

· Expanding one’s own potential abilities

· Friendship and Cooperation

· Travel

· Astral travel

· Guardian of travelers

· Warns of possible danger

· Guide to overcoming obstacles

Hyena's Wisdom Includes:

· Knows the secrets of the wild

· Understands how to control epidemics

· Adaptability

· Patience

· Perseverance in hunting

· Strength

· Understanding the value of cooperation

· Connection to the Vulture

· Defense of boundaries

· Communication in dark spaces

· Singing ones soul song

· Understanding the value of community

Jackal's Wisdom Includes:

· Astral travel

· Accessing past lives

· Connection to the constellation Orion

· Understanding the use of opportunity

· Ability to see in the dark

· Connection to the Pyramids of Egypt

Jaguar's Wisdom Includes:

· Seeing the roads within chaos

· Understanding the patterns of chaos

· Moving without fear in the darkness

· Facilitating soul work

· Empowering oneself

· Moving in unknown places

· Shapeshifter

· Psychic sight

Kangaroo's Wisdom Includes:

· Leaping away from bad situations

· Creating a safe home environment

· Ability to adapt to new situations

· Protection of the young

Kinkajou's wisdom includes:

· Leaps of faith to unknown places

· Ability to grasp thoughts and concepts out of reach of others

· Gentleness

· Ability to see in the dark

· Connection to the plant kingdom

· Fertility

Koala's Wisdom Includes:

· Ability to climb over obstacles

· Recognizing the value of slow movement

· Ability to remain above the fray

· The power of yoga

· Helpful advice giver

Komodo Dragon's Wisdom Includes:

· Ability to enter long dream states

· Warrior energy

· Speed

· Adept use of the Earth’s vibrations

· Longevity

Lemur's Wisdom Includes:

· Ability is access the knowledge of the forests

· Seeing the unseen

· Ability to grasp concepts above the static of life

· Understanding how to remain above the fray of life

· Ability to navigate through the forest

Lion's Wisdom Includes:

· Brotherhood

· Letting go of stress

· Strong family ties

· Strength

· Courage

· Energy

· Self fullfillment

Llama/Guanaco/Vicuna's Wisdom Includes:

· Overcoming materialism

· Moving over hurdles

· Comforting others

· Withstanding cold

Leopard's Wisdom Includes:

· Sensitivity to touch

· Stalking

· Approaching someone unseen

· Movement in shadow worlds

· Communication with plant kingdom

Lynx's Wisdom Includes:

· Keenness of sight

· Divination

· Developing psychic senses

· Keeper of all secrets and mysteries

· Movement through time and space

Mandrill's Wisdom Includes:

· Beauty

· Maternal wisdom

· Secretive behavior

· Shyness

· Ability to control sexual urges

Meerkat/Suricate's Wisdom Includes:

· Maternal nurturing

· Caretaking

· Watchfulness

· Ability to live communally

· Sacrifice for the good of the group

Mole's Wisdom Includes:

· Guardian of the lower regions

· Connection with the energies of the Earth

· Knowledge of herbs, roots, minerals, seeds, rivers, and other hidden bounties of the earth

· Ability to turn inward

· Introspection and blindness to all but light and dark in the material world

· Love expressed in nature

· Sensitivity to touch and vibration (the kinesthetic sense)

· Understanding of energies and fluxes

Mongoose's Wisdom Includes:

· Use of speed in defense

· Lack of fear in attacking and defending oneself

· Apprehension of wrongdoers

· Protection of family

Monkey's Wisdom Includes:

· Movement through ego

· Ability to change environment

· Family protection

· Understanding excesses

· Good health

· Understanding success

Moose's Wisdom Includes:

· Acknowledges the truths that have been denied by the soul

· Movement to and from the soul world

· Movement in the void

· Finds the parts of the soul that have been hidden

· Building self- respect

· Strength

· Wisdom

· Bridge to the elders

· Unseen speed

Mouse/Lemming/Vole's Wisdom Includes:

· Examines life's lessons

· Shyness

· Quietness

· Understanding details

· Seeing double meanings in things

· Invisibility

· Stealth

· Guidance in signing contracts

· Discovery

· Ability to be unseen

Muskrat's Wisdom Includes:

· Adaptability

· Ability to swim through emotional waters to return home

· Understands value to survival of interspecies cooperation

· Ability to reuse what others discard

Muskox's Wisdom Includes:

· Defense of the vulnerable by the community

· Ability to withstand coldness in others

· Understanding of how to survive in harsh climates

· Provides physical warmth in harsh times

Ocelot's Wisdom Includes:

· Regeneration through solitude

· Connection with physical and spiritual worlds

· Ability to be in two places at once

· Clear vision

· Connection to the unseen 

Opossum's Wisdom Includes:

· Proper use of deception

· Use of appearances

· Sensibility

· Guidance to uncovering talent, psychic or physical

· Gaining wisdom

· Recovery

Orang-utan's Wisdom Includes:

· Gentleness

· Connection to the forest spirits

· Ingenuity in dealing with problems

· Movement above the fray

Otter's Wisdom Includes:

· Woman’s healing wisdom

· Sensibility without suspicion

· Guidance in unmasking talents

· Psychic awareness

· Faithfulness

· Recovery issues

· Understanding the value of playtime

Panda's Wisdom Includes:

· Understanding the value of slowness

· Connection to Eastern beliefs

· Balance

· Adaptability

· Connection to the Plant Kingdom

Pig/Sow/Boar's Wisdom Includes:

· Crone Goddess

· Rooting out the truth

· Deep Earth magick

· Past life knowledge

· Intelligence

· Cunning

· Becoming invisible during times of danger

Polar Bear's Wisdom Includes:

· Ability to navigate along the Earth’s magnetic lines

· Introspection

· Solitude

· Expert swimmer through emotional waters

· Finding one way back from the brink

· Ability to find sustenance in barren landscapes

· Strength in the face of adversity

· Communication with Spirit

· Dreams

· Death and rebirth

· Transformation

· Creature of dreams, shamans, mystics and visionaries

· Defense and revenge

Porcupine's Wisdom Includes:

· Innocence

· Trust in Spirit

· Renewed sense of wonder

· Creating your own path

· Protection of boundaries

· Defense when threatened

· Allowing others their path

Prairie Dog's Wisdom Includes:

· Communal living

· Value of touch

· Proper use of affection

· Connection to all things found below the surface

Rabbit/Hare's Wisdom Includes:

· Guile

· Paradox and contradiction

· Living by one’s own wits

· Receiving hidden teachings and intuitive messages

· Quick-thinking

· Humility

· Moving through fear

· Strengthening intuition

Rhinoceros Wisdom Includes:

· Learning comfort in solitude

· Connection to ancient wisdom

· Knowledge of self

· Proper use of ancient wisdom

· Trust of instincts

Raccoon's Wisdom Includes:

· Understanding the nature of masks

· Disguise

· Dexterity

· Seeking guidance and confidence

· Questioning without fear

· Balancing curiosity

Rat's Wisdom Includes:

· Abundant reproduction

· Ability to live unseen

· Stealth

· Defense

· Intelligence

· Symbol of fertility and wealth

Red Panda's Wisdom Includes:

· Proper use of masks

· Ability to see through masks

· Using dexterity to escape

Serval's Wisdom Includes:

· Stealth

· Invisibility

· Use of facial features as communication

· Ability to see over one’s environment

· Associated with water

· Inter-species communication

· Listens to what is hidden

Sheep/Ram/Ewe's Wisdom Includes:

· Maintaining balance in dangerous situations

· Confidence in ones abilities

· Fertility

· Courage needed to maintain balance

· New beginnings

· Abundance

· Assurance in new areas

Skunk's Wisdom Includes:

· Understanding how to "walk your talk"

· Reputation

· Sensuality

· Understanding energy flows

· Self-respect

· Courage

· Will-power

· Self-confidence

Sloth's Wisdom Includes:

· Wisdom associated with moving slowly

· The value of laziness

· Understanding the tree spirits

· Ability to access the libraries within the trees where all Earth knowledge is held

· Seeing the world upside down

· understanding when to use tenacious behavior

Snipe's Wisdom Includes:

· Connection to the wetlands

· Reclusive behavior

· Ability to use temperature to ones advantage

· Family secrets

Snow Leopard's Wisdom Includes:

· Understanding one’s shadow side

· Trusting one’s inner self

· Agility

· Strength

· Ability to stalk

· Understanding the power of silence

Squirrel's Wisdom Includes:

· Ability to solve puzzles

· Resourcefulness

· Quick change of direction

· Storing for the future

· Balance in giving and receiving

· Power of rest during times of non-movement

· Warning

· Discovery

· Change

· Avoiding danger by climbing to a higher place

Tasmanian Devil's Wisdom Includes:

· Self-defense

· Protection of territory

· Ability to use perseverance when necessary

· Understanding of how and when to fight

Tiger's Wisdom Includes:

· Power

· Energy

· Strength and will-power in the face of adversity

· Acting in a timely manner

· Action without analysis

Tapir's Wisdom Includes:

· Connection to the Horse and Rhinoceros

· Toughness

· Longevity

· Understanding shyness

· Ability to remain unchanged by time

· Gentleness

Titmouse's Wisdom Includes:

· Attitude

· Fearlessness

· Ability to wear crowns without ego

· Power of voice

Turtle/Tortoise's Wisdom Includes:

· Symbol of the earth

· Connection with the center

· Navigation skills

· Patience

· Self-boundaries

· Associated with the feminine

· Power to heal female diseases

· Respecting the boundaries of others

· Developing new ideas

· Psychically protecting oneself

· Self-reliance


· Nonviolent defense

Warthog's Wisdom Includes:

· Ability to sense danger

· Courage

· Protection

· Ability to find the truth

· Use of a fierce mask

Weasel's Wisdom Includes:

· Stealth

· Cunning

· Ingenuity

· Revenge

· Keen observation

· Ability to see hidden reasons behind things

· Power of observation

Wild Dog's Wisdom Includes:

· Connection to the full moon

· Versatility of habitat

· Ability to see in low light

· Fertility

Wildebeest's Wisdom Includes:

· Movement toward new opportunities

· Ability to live with the masses

· Understanding of the value of travel

· The ability to move with the seasons

· Understanding of the power of the group in defense

Wolf's Wisdom Includes:

· Facing the end of one's cycle with dignity and courage

· Death and rebirth

· Spirit teaching

· Guidance in dreams and meditations

· Instinct linked with intelligence

· Social and familial values

· Outwitting enemies

· Ability to pass unseen

· Steadfastness

· Skill in protection of self and family

· Taking advantage of change

Wolverine's Wisdom Includes:

· Last phantom of the wilderness

· Hyena of the North

· Master of the Forest

· Trickster hero

· Magical link between the material and the spirit worlds

· Revenge

· Craftiness

· Understands how to satisfy appetites

· Ability to travel in very cold places

· Understanding aggression

· Protection against attackers

· Multilevel protection

· Standing your ground

· Fierceness

· Elusiveness

· Gluttonry

· Cleverness

· Strength

· Non-retreat

· Effective attack

· Endurance

· Courage

Wombat's Wisdom Includes:

· Ability to change within

· Strength

· Determination

· Intelligence

· Speed

· Resourcefulness

· Ability to dig up needed information

Woodchuck/Marmot/Ground Hog's Wisdom Includes:

· Sense of family and community

· Connection to seasonal changes

· Understands the power of cycles

· Ability to hibernate (sleep) during hard times

· Protection from floods

· Ability to go underground when trouble arises

Zebra's Wisdom Includes:

· Balance

· Seeing in black and white

· Clarity without filters

· Power

· Sureness of path

· Maintaining the individual within the herd