Animal Guides Of The
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Animal Guides Of The
Each of these animals shares a bond of 100,0000s of years with the earth
we have but a average of 70 odd years each

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Alligator/Crocodile's Wisdom Includes:

· Maternal protection

· Connection to the earth mother

· Protection from manipulation

· Understanding deceit

· Revenge through patience

· Initiation

· Understanding weather

Anemone's Wisdom Includes:

· Beauty

· Graceful movement

· Use of color

· Patience

Angel Fish's Wisdom Includes:

· Understanding beauty as popularity and protection

· Effective use of color

· Ability to live within diverse situations

· Connection to Reefs

Bass' Wisdom Includes:

· Communication

· Scrappiness

· Participation

· Parenting skills

· Crafty

· Elusive

Barracuda's Wisdom Includes:

· Connection to male warrior energy

· Fierceness

· Protection

· Defense

Beta/Betta/Siamese Fighting Fish's Wisdom Includes:

· Ferocity

· Aggression

· Protection of boundaries within relationships

· Solitude

· Understanding the nature of violence

· Warrior energy

· Confrontation of ego

Crab's Wisdom Includes:

· Ability to escape by moving sidewise

· Understanding the power of dance

· Ability to move through water (emotions)

· Male aspects of community

· Finding new uses for the seemingly useless

· Protection of home space

Carp's Wisdom Includes:

· Youth

· Bravery

· Endurance

· Strength

· Self-defense

· Prosperity

Clam/Mussel's Wisdom Includes:

· Ability to siphon energy

· Living within the Earth

· Balance

· Symbiosis

· Connection to mud

· Going within

Clown Fish/Anemone Fish's Wisdom Includes:

· Ability to hide within dangerous situations

· Use of beauty as camouflage

· Ability to move as your enemies move

· Transmutation of poison

· Defense of beauty

Conch's Wisdom Includes:

· Effective evolution

· Use of color as camouflage

· Ability to use hardness of one’s outer shell as defense

Coral's Wisdom Includes:

· The animal flower of the sea

· Providing a living environment for all

· Understanding of the need for diversity

· Communal living

· Symbiosis

Cuttlefish's Wisdom Includes:

· Use of color as communication

· Changing colors regularly and often

· Ability to transmute ones outer layer

· Territoriality

Dolphin/Porpoise's Wisdom Includes:

· Knowledge of the sea

· Patron of sailors

· Change

· Wisdom

· Balance

· Harmony

· Communication skills

· Freedom

· Trust

· Understanding the power of rhythm in your life

· Use of breath to release intense emotions

· Water element magick

Echidna's Wisdom Includes:

· Connection to water legends

· Ability to tunnel under life blocks

· Connection to the freshwater turtle

· Single-mindedness

· Understanding the value of "rooting around" to find solutions

Eel's Wisdom Includes:

· Camouflage

· Ability to watch unseen

· Escape when threatened

· Power of electricity

Fish's Wisdom Includes:

· Abundance

· Fertility

· Children

· Harmony

· Regeneration

· Love

· Balance between mind and emotion

Flying Fish's Wisdom Includes:

· Ability to make leaps of faith

· Understanding of how to use emotional energy to ones advantage

· Ability to leap out of emotional waters

· Quick movement from emotional to mental thought

Goldfish/Koi's Wisdom Includes:

· Prosperity

· Beauty

· Harmony

· Balance between mind and emotion

· Peace

Hermit Crab's Wisdom Includes:

· Love of freedom

· Mobility

· Ability to live anywhere

· Understands the need for rapid change

· Movement through decades

· Ability to store water energy

· Comfort in darkness

Jellyfish's Wisdom Includes:

· Sensitivity to water energy—emotions

· Understanding of the value of floating, rather than swimming, through trying emotional times

· Proper use of softness (not being rigid)

· Ability to become untangled from the webs of peril in life

Leafy Seadragon's Wisdom Includes:

· Camouflage

· Beauty

· Paternal protection

· Use of armor in defense

Lionfish's Wisdom Includes:

· Facing danger

· Ability to stand your ground

· Hidden peril

· Use of beauty as defense

· Peril associated with beauty

· Camouflage

· Use of shape as a warning

· Deadly speed

Lobster's Wisdom Includes:

· Concentration

· Coordination

· Understands when to follow not lead

· Ability to transcend the mind/ego

· The power of simplicity

Manatee/Dugong's Wisdom Includes:

· Ability to walk gently upon the Earth

· Gentleness

· Seeing clearly what lives in water (emotions)

· Connection to water herbs

Manta Ray's Wisdom Includes:

· Ability to swim slowly through emotional waters

· Positive use of size in one’s life

· Understanding differences

Marlin/Kijiki's Wisdom Includes:

· Ability to shake off negative energy

· Freedom fighter

· Ability to pierce the shell of an enemy

· Grand entrances

· Tenacity

· Bravery

Minnow's Wisdom Includes:

· Power of group protection

· Connection to youth

· Understanding peer issues

· Issues related to size

· Maintaining the self within the group

Octopus/Squid's Wisdom Includes:

· Intelligence

· Moving rapidly away from danger when needed

· Proper use of smoke screens (ink) in evading enemies

· Destroying negative barriers

Orcas Wisdom Includes:


· Creator of the Cosmos

· Having the ability to convert raw matter into stars, planets, etc.

· Breaking down the barriers of the human mind

· Obliterating the concept of good or evil

· Controlling rainfall on Earth

· Using the vibrational energy of song to heal

· Assisting humans in finding their soul's song

· Soul memory

· Seeing the unseen

· Teaching the ability to seal soul fissures and energy leaks

Oyster's Wisdom Includes:

· Ability to filter out life’s static

· Understands when to close doors to prevent energy loss

· Sensitivity to environmental changes

· Maintenance of outer wall of protection

Penguin's Wisdom Includes:

· Fatherhood

· Understanding female energy within the male

· Waking dreams

· Astral Projection

· Patience

· Endurance

Piranha's wisdom includes:

· Service to the river and the life within it

· Savagery

· Tearing apart enemies

· Understanding the power of groups

· Ability to totally consume (use) what is given to you

Platypus' Wisdom Includes:

· Connection the ancient animals

· Ability to remain unique

· Value of remaining as you are

· Ability to rear young differently

Puffer fish/Blowfish/Porcupine Fish's Wisdom Includes:

· The fatal beauty

· Defense through inducing fear in ones enemy

· Transmutation of poison

· Power to induce death-like state

· Use of size as a deterrent

Salmon's Wisdom Includes:

· Value of returning home to regenerate

· Swimming upstream through emotional waters to gain insight

· Understanding divination messages

· Rebirth of spiritual knowledge

Seahorse's Wisdom Includes:

· The Hummingbird of the sea

· Joy

· Understanding of the importance of the courtship dance

· Ability to hold on while in emotional waters

· Paternal rearing of offspring

Sea Slug's Wisdom Includes:

· Renewal through shedding ones outer skin

· Transmutation

· Protection through reputation

· Use of color to warn

Sea Turtle's Wisdom Includes:

· Bravery of the young

· Connection to the Moon

· Navigation skills

· Understands the nuances of long cycles

· Duty to completion of ones life path

· Ability to travel long distances to reach home

· Longevity

· Wisdom

· Connection to the Earth’s water energies

Seal's Wisdom Includes:

· Protection during change

· Lucid dreaming

· Protection from danger

· Movement through emotions

· Creativity

Shark's Wisdom Includes:

· Comfort with self (physical and spiritual) as it has been over the millennia

· Ability to move constantly

· Working/moving in silence

· Devours negative energy

· Connection to the past

· Living fossil

· Ability to be in the moment

· Recycling energy

· Remorselessness

· Never being caught off guard

· Ability to defend oneself

Shrimp/Krill/Prawn's Wisdom Includes:

· Ability to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts

· Sustenance

· Ability withstand cold temperatures

· Group living

· Adaptability

Toad's Wisdom Includes:

· Connection to altered states of consciousness

· Symbol of the Earth

· Camouflaging poison

· Changing luck

· Long life

Walrus' Wisdom Includes:

· Using of a fierce masks wisely

· Movement in emotional waters

· Group living

· Defense of territory

· Storing for the future

Whale's Wisdom Includes:

· Record keeper for all eternity

· All knowledge associated with voice

· Psychic and telepathic abilities

· All aspects of the sea

· Beauty of movement