A Man's Time of Passing
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a mans time of passing

this article is a open way of looking at a misunderstood part of life and the views of many people, not just my opinion

but please remember this is really hard for me to write about

for I too, have walked this path and guided many through this

Stop for a moment and think about this before you read any further into this article

how do you feel about death and dying?????????

take 5 minutes and then please read on

since anything ever started to live, there has been one thing that is going to happen, no matter how we have lived and no matter what we have done in life, we are, one day, going to got to this point and there is no way around it

but do we really know anything about it????

this single event is going to affect a great deal of people and yet in most cases it is just one person who goes through this at a time

this event is going to happen to all of us, some time, some where, ready or not.

the end of time on this earth for a person

the passing away, death, termination of life

time of eternal peace, call it what you will

it hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but what is it, how does it happen, why does it happen and why does it hurt so much

death and dying

it is so misunderstood that people fear it a lot

so lets look at it

dying: it is the ending of a life, suffering, pain agony, sick people, injured people or is it

dying is NOT painful, dying is the word we use to describe a phase of a persons life.

the suffering and pain happens all through our lives not just at the end, but we, as a people have seen it as suffering and painful

the pain and suffering is real but we go through it without dying cos dying is a word we use but it doesnít happen every time we are hurting.

it can be a illness, disease or injury that causes the pain and suffering but it is not dying that causes it.

how long does it take to die?

as long as it takes!

there is no time limit for this phase

so what actually is dying?

generally it is when our human bodies are shutting down and ceasing to work for us anymore, it can be damage, illness, disease injury or old age

why do we fear dying?

simple, we think of dying and we think pain

we also fear not knowing what is going to happen when we pass on

we fear the way we will die

and we fear saying goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( I asked around a lot of people and the main answer was, I donít want to leave the people and thing I love )

letting go is hard on both sides, you are losing a loved one, they are losing a life and many loved ones ( am crying my eyes out now)

ok we have them coming back in spirit form to see us but it hurts to let go of them on this realm.


the moment of separation, body and spirit

it is the last moment of life in a human body

before we pass on, last chance for goodbyes

the closest you will ever come to this point in your life, other than dying is sleeping

the point of being awake and asleep cos you never know exactly when you fell asleep

we accept sleeping as sleeping but death is a extended sleep, we go to bed thinking in the morning I will............ and we do not fear sleeping, but we sometimes go to bed and sleep and never wake up

to us sleep is not final few of us fear sleep, but sleep is not what you is not what you will generally see in a horror movie or something like that.

death has been made into something to be feared and scared of

( i donít fear death for to me I see no reason to fear it, but I am sad that I will say goodbye to friends and loved ones for a time)

ok what happens when you die????


your body shuts down and fails part by part till there is no life left in it and it ceases to function any more, it becomes like a shell

around you:

people can and do cry, get angry, abusive, depressed and also try to understand why


this is hard cos we all have different ideas on what will happen with your spirit

some people say you know nothing til judgement day

some people day you meet past friends and loved ones

some people say you go to another body

some people say you go to paradise

some people say you enter a higher level

the list goes on but i canít say what happens cos each person is different and believes differently.

N.D.E ( near death experience)

what is this??

the term near death experience is used to describe a experience in which people feel they have died and returned to life again

ok yeah science and medical science has said yes it has happened, people have died and returned to life(poet is a 22 time veteran )


by operations, accidents, health again the list goes on

what happens??

the person experiences leaving their body for a time and goes through a experience

A) just watching over their body

B) seeing loved ones around them

C) travelling around the world

D) travelling into and up a tunnel of light

E) seeing paradise

F) seeing their whole life in a flash

ok the list goes on and it can happen many ways .

they report the return back as

A) waking up in their own body

B) being pulling back

C) being brought back

D) being sent back

E) choosing to come back

the list goes on

ok, cos this is such a big area I will leave you to make up your own minds about death and dying

but i will say this first

no matter if you are passing on or some body else is, you both are saying goodbye to each other and it is hard on everybody

if the person is in pain and suffering, it is good for the person to be free of the pain of hurting but yeah the emotional pain is with the people who remain after the person passes on

and most emotional pain is cos of having to say goodbye and letting go of a dear loved person

a person who takes their own life is NOT a coward, or running from things, they are dealing with things the only way they can see to deal with it, it is easy to say things like they are wrong and they should think about the people they leave behind. believe it or not

a lot of people when they lose a loved one, think about taking their own lives too

it is true that the people who will suffer the most are the people left behind but in time these people left behind will be passing away too

never pass up the chance to say i love you cos one day you will not have the chance to say it