Zodiac Signs
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Symbol: The Ram
Dates: March 20 - April 20
Corresponding Element: Cardinal-Fire
Colors associated with Aries: Red
Basic Nature: Impulsive, assertive, comes acroos as courageous and without fear. The Aries additude is more about being first over others rather than being an individual. Aries are direct and great lovers of freedom. Aries have a basic need for a constant flow of excitment or change, so long as they are in control of those changes.
Characteristics: As well as having many rams under the Aries sign there are also some 'lambs'. Lambs seem to show the gentler more vunerable side to the Aries nature much more than the more agressive Ram.
Mentally: Aries are very quick thinking and quick witted. Though don't really look back and reflect on their actions. Can plan the begginning and end of an enterprise very well but often overlooks the smaller details, like what lies between.
Physiologically: The head. Including the brain, many good thinkers have been born under this sign. The emphasis on the head can also be interpreted as a part of The Aries urge to be the leader (head) of things.
Jobs suited to Aries: Where they can be leader, boss, where initiative is needed. Teacher, writer, crafts, soldiers. Usaully in a position of an 'ideas' person
Symbol: The Bull
Dates: April 20 - May 21
Corresponding Element: Fixed Earth
Colors associated with Taurus: Green, pink
Basic Nature: Restrained and self-repressive. They are practical and steadfast, they are generally reliable. Has a need to possess things, can be materialistic. Taurus is fixed in their ways and opinions with strong feelings.
Characteristics: Generally Taurus is very stable and steady, This can be of a great comfort to those around them. Combined with their deliberate and constructive traits is very securing to those around the Bull. Though before too long the boring side to the character shows itself.
Mentally: Again the stability is the over-riding factor to the Taurean mind. The habit of following the same patterns and routines so often leads to a predictable and sometimes too serious/heavy person.
Physiologically: The throat and neck, sybolic of the supportive nature of the Taurus. Also prone to weight gain due to thier usual lack of activity generally. The emphasis on the throat region has also led to many, many singing careers for Taureans.
Jobs suited to Taurus: Land, real estate, bankers and general money matters are good choices for the Taurean. Also a passion for food can make them idealy suited to cooking, dietitions or even farmers
Symbol: The Twins
Dates: May 21 - June 21
Corresponding Element: Mutable Air
Colors associated with Gemini: Orange, light blues, greys
Basic Nature: Gemini's are generally very communicative and mentally active. They have the ability to be adaptable. Essentially they are very eager to experience life.
Characteristics: A basic Gemini will be adabtable and restless. They tend to thrive on change and variety. Very often in the middle..neutral, the mediator. Very excitable and inconsistent, they are not dull as a rule.
Mentally: Intelligent, usually a positive type of person, though can be the negative type. Tends to learn easily, especially languages. Is good at studying.
Physiologically: Prone to nervous diseases and exaustion due to their eager attitude towards life and it's experiences. Has a tendancy to have problems with their central nervous system.
Jobs suited to Gemini: Where the brain and intelligence can be used to their full extent, where there is opportunity to learn and also to teach. Teacher, writer, solicitor, reporter
Symbol: The Crab
Dates:June 21 - July 22
Corresponding Element: Cardinal Water
Colors associated with Cancer:
Basic Nature: Emotional, intuitive,. A desire to protect. The hard shell of the Crab has underlying it a soft interior. Easily hurt inside but outwardly strond, hard. A clingy personality is not uncommon in this sign. A need for security and shelter in times of crisis. Very impressionable and virtually incapable of setting emotions aside to deal with an issue, problem or person.
Characteristics: Emotions are the major charteristic of this sign. A cancerian will feel rather than think their way through a situation. Letting emotions rule them 100% is a common cancerian trait.
Mentally: Intuitive and receptive. A tendency to be very influenced by the psychic. Emotions will take priority over mental thoughts.
Physiologically: The urge to protect and nourish. The womb.
Jobs suited to Cancer: Where they can be leader, boss, where initiative is needed. Teacher, writer, crafts, soldiers. Usaully in a position of an 'ideas' person
Symbol: The Lion
Dates: July 22 - August 23
Corresponding Element: Fixed Fire
Colors associated with Libra: Gold
Basic Nature: Self-expressive, energetic, assertive. Leo is usually very self assured, with a strong sense of the dramatic, often affiliated with the theatre. Generous, warm-hearted, enthusiastic and dignified is the Lion. The self-assertive element can cause others to see Leo as dominating and overbearing.
Characteristics: As you would expect, Leo has the pride and dignity of the lion, can be ruthless against enemies but loyal, generous and loving to his friends. Loves to succeed, to bring others in on his projects and ideas.
Mentally: Generalises, looks for an overall pattern. Leo's are inclined to be intellectual. Can be gullible.
Physiologically: The heart. The central organ and source of power for the body. Leo is quite strong physically, although the focus on the heart leaves him slightly prone to cardiac troubles, however this is not a strong threat. Leo rarely gets sick.
Jobs suited to Leo: Where power, leadership and self-assurance can be applied. A natural actor with an inborn sense of the dramatic. Also suited to managerial positions and as a social orgainiser. Where his artistic and creative abilities can be developed and encouraged
Symbol: The Virgin
Dates: August 23 - September 23
Corresponding Element: Mutable Earth
Colors associated with virgo: Light Blue/Grey
Basic Nature: Evaluates life by facts and logic, a need to analyse, to take to pieces. An interest in hygiene and cleanliness can often be observed in Virgoans. The urge for efficiency and perfection. The Virgin does not have a sexual connotation, more it means to ensure maximum efficiency, to develop techniques to avoid the waiting of their energies.
Characteristics: The only feminine figure in the zodiac, she is seen as and worshipped as the earth-goddess, as Ishtar, Isis, Persephone and even as the Virgin Mary of Christianity. Typically analytical an posses an urge for efficiency.
Mentally: Intelligent and critical as well as shrewd and easy to educate. Practical, able to deal with logical subtleties.
Physiologically: The abdominal region, intestines and central nervous system. Tendency to intestinal complaints and ulcers, appendicitis and nervous disorders.
Jobs suited to Virgo:Where discriminative and analytical abilities can be encouraged and exercised. Good in detailed work. As a teacher, psychologist, nurse. Accountant, critic, statistician and analytical scientist
Symbol: The Scales
Dates: September 23- October 23
Corresponding Element: Cardinal Air
Colors associated with Libra: Pink
Basic Nature: Basically kind and easy-going, though sometimes too easy-going. Idealistic and indecisive. The scales are the only symbol of the zodiac which is inanimate. A strong sense of social duty and the need to conform to an idealistic pattern of community. Often an underlying sense of inadequacy is present in Libra.
Characteristics: Essentially self-expressive, communicative, mentally active. An urge for unity and harmony with others. Kind and easy-going. Balance, as the symbol of the scales suggests, is a part of Libra's persona. Libra seeks in others what they lack themselves for balance.
Mentally: Intelligent and capable of balanced thinking and judgement. Inclined to be indecisive and to easily influenced by the opinions of others.
Physiologically: The kidneys and lumbar region. Also associated with the head. Prone to kidney complaints and lumbago.
Jobs suited to Libra: Where human factors and relationships are involved. In harmonious environments, away from stress and noise. Where the sense of balance and harmony can be developed. Artist, poet, diplomat, social worker, beauty specialist, textiles
Symbol: The Scorpion
Dates: 23 October - 22 November
Corresponding Element: Fixed Water
Colors associated with Scorpio: Red
Basic Nature: A great intensity of thinking and feeling springs from Scorpio's inner depths. This powerful emotional energy can be harnessed constructively. Can be very secretive and is generally intuitive. Can be extremely jealous and has strong sexual feelings. Often on the defensive.
Characteristics: An intensity and the urge to identify with themselves. Self repressive, naturally intuitive and emotional. Passionate and always, as the scorpion, is the Scorpio ready to strike. An urge to identify with their source, everything's source.
Mentally: Secretive and imaginative, intuitive. Capable of penetrating thought. Analytical.
Physiologically: The genital area, due to the strong sexual feelings, and is therefore prone to problems in this area as well as in the throat and nose.
Jobs suited to Scorpio:Researching and solving things, detective or occult investigator. Healing, surgeons and spiritualist healers. Mystics
Symbol: The Archer/The Centaur
Dates: November 22- December 22
Corresponding Element: Mutable Fire
Colors associated with Scorpio: Purple/Deep Blue
Basic Nature: Likes to explore and seek freedom. Exploration beyond what they already know and have seen. Free-ranging, restless and idealistic. Loves natural pursuits and sports. Can be inconsiderate. The point of restlessness can also raise problems as it is often taken to extremes by Sagittarius.
Characteristics: Likes to have their space and freedom so that they may achieve their highest ambitions, both physically and mentally. The need the understand and interpret.
Mentally: Often intellectually inclined, an outspoken deep-thinker. Seeks new ways to think and explore.
Physiologically: Primarily the hips and thighs. As well as the lungs. Prone to hip disease and rheumatic complaints.
Jobs suited to Sagittarius: Where the free-ranging ambitious qualities can be explored and developed. Philosopher, intellectual. With animals, primarily dogs and horses. As an explorer, traveler or teacher
Symbol: The Goat
Dates: December 22 - January 21
Corresponding Element: Cardinal Earth
Colors associated with Capricorn: Black
Basic Nature: The goat has many acquaintances but not many close friends. To this small circle of friends Capricorn is very generous and will deprive himself rather than see his friends suffer. Likes to plan carefully to achieve ambitions. Can be selfish and narrow minded. Likes to establish authority.
Characteristics: A rational attitude associated with an urge to conform to disciplined behaviour. Patient, methodical and resourceful. Serious attitude.
Mentally: Cool and very calculating, this can lead to others feeling disconcerting to others. Likes to be very exact and is somewhat severe.
Physiologically: The knees and the skin. Often prone to skin rashes and disorders as well as knee trouble. Tendency to digestive upsets through anxiety and the suppression of feelings and emotions.
Jobs suited to Capricorn: Where the patient and unemotional qualities can be exercised and developed, as well as the use of their resourcefulness, patience and responsibility. Often as a manager, scientist, school principal, politician, leader, director, the boss
Symbol: The Water Carrier
Dates: January 21 - Feburary 19
Corresponding Element: Fixed Air
Colors associated with Aquarius: Black
Basic Nature: Intuitive and intelligent, originality. Attracted to unusual objects or people. The urge to reform, humanitarian. Often develops a detached attitude, and where love is concerned this can lead to trouble and broken hearts. Puts much energy into a cause once it has been taken aboard.
Characteristics: Water (Aquarius's symbol) is a symbol of intuition and air (Aquarius's element) symbolises intelligence. Aquarius is the blending of intuition and intelligence.
Mentally: Naturally intuitive and intelligence, often intellectual. Full of ideas to better society. Imaginative and inventive.
Physiologically: From the knees to the ankles, the circulatory system. Prone to varicose veins, ankle injuries and circulatory problems. Also a tendency towards cardiac disorders.
Jobs suited to Aquarius : Where the intuitiveness and progressive thinking can be utilised, as well as intelligence and the tendency to aid society as a whole rather than on an individual basis. As a writer, astrologer, scientist, photographer, social welfare. Where electricity is involved, electronics, radio and television
Symbol: The Fish
Dates: 19 Feburary - 20 March
Corresponding Element: Mutable Water
Colors associated with Pisces: Purple, deep blue
Basic Nature: Self repressive and emotional. Often drawn to the occult and mysticism, intuitive, clairvoyant. Easy going, Acts on feeling and instinct.
Characteristics: Pisces is a born mystic, they are very often drawn to spiritual involvment of all sorts. Emotionally sensitive, sympathetic and kind. An urge to break down barriers. To simply Be.
Mentally: Emotional, sensitive and impressionable. Pisces is not a mentally orientated sign.
Physiologically: The feet. A tendancy to foot problems and abdominal disorders, the latter often as a direct result of emotional stress.
Jobs suited to Pisces: Musician, artist, poet, anywhere that creative and imaginative qualities can be excercised and developed. Also as priests, priestesses and physics. Sailors as well, anything to do with water or the sea