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The Magickal Wo
Book of Shadows

The Magickal World of Wicca

As presented to the Wiccan Community at Witchstock Inter-Tradition meeting in 1998. The Inter-Tradition guidelines were written and presented by Lady Rhiannon of Serpentstone, Lady Cassandra of the Temple of Hecate Triskele, Lady Grey Cat of Northwind, Lady Silver Ravenwolf of the Black Forest and Grandfather Michael Ragan. This is an extraction from a complete document entitled Inter-Tradition Guidelines. This document contains Minimums for Initiation, Requirements for Eldership, The Law (including universal and coven) and the Code of Honor.

1. Chivalry must be followed by all (Honesty, bravery, generosity and kindness).

2. One's oath is one's sacred pledge. Pledge sparingly, for it must be of iron.

Speak no ill of another for all truth may not be known.

4. Pass not hearsay.

Be honest with all - and demand the same.

6. The fury of a moment plays folly with truth. Keeping one's head is a virtue.

Wisdom brings power. Apply discretion in its use.

8. Pledge friendship to those who warrant. To strengthen your brother or sister brings strength to you. Pledging friendship to the dishonorable brings dishonor to you.

Reveal not the secrets of others, lest your own secrets be lost.

10. Have pride in self. Seek perfection in body and mind, for you cannot honor another unless you honor self.

In all things, moderation.

12. Revere the God(s) and Goddess(es) of your tradition.

Respect the religion of others.

14. Accept the Laws of return (Karma).

Accept personal responsibility.

16. Respect the Laws of the Gods, humankind and nature.

Be loyal to your Coven, your High Priest and High Priestess, the Elders and your Craft brothers and Sisters.

18. Revere the natural world.

Respect the inner self.

20. Honor your succession of teachers.