When Magick Ain't Working
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". everything you have done genuinely remains for you and will
help you at difficult moments, and everything you have done from
vanity is lost to you."

-- Maurice Nicoll, "Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of
G. I. Gurdjieff and P. D. Ouspensky," pp. 500-501
 WHEN The Magic Ain't Working

Let's say you're a dedicated student of the magical path and
you've done everything right. You've followed every instruction
to the letter, crossed every "t" and dotted every "i". You've
done your rituals faithfully every day at the right time.

And yet, nothing is working. The magic's not happening according
to plan. The thing you most want in life isn't showing up. Now

Now you wait. Ugghh, you say, you hate waiting. Besides, you've
spent plenty of time waiting (your whole life, perhaps) and you
are more than ready for the magic to happen. You are darn tired
of waiting. So why should you wait?

When the magic isn't happening in your life as fast as you expect
or want it to, waiting is the ideal solution because it's the
only way to ALLOW the magic to show up in your life. Magic, by
definition, isn't logical. If it were, it would be called "logic"
instead of "magic."

Magic shows up when you least expect it. When the magic is
missing, it means that you're pushing too hard. Actually, the
absence of magic really means that you're just out of contact
with all the force you've put into your magical bank account.

As this week's quote (above) points out, anything that you do
genuinely is never lost to you. Anything you do to increase the
magic and spiritual connection in your life is saved for you.
Sometimes you just can't access it. Magic is like a river that
runs very deep in our lives. When we're caught up in a bunch of
external life events, when we're distracted, we're out of touch
with that river. In fact, that's the time that we are the
thirstiest for the magic.

And the only way to get back in touch with that deep river is to
get quiet, to wait. Just because something that you want hasn't
happened yet does not mean that it won't happen. It doesn't mean
that all the ritual and spiritual work has gone to naught. All of
that work is saved for you, just waiting for a moment when you
are quiet, when you relinquish control over your life.

Then the magic shows up in the most unexpected ways. So when
you're feeling the most frustrated and hopeless in life, don't
give up. Have faith. Remember that all the genuine effort you've
put into self-development, self-observation, and self-growth is
still there. It hasn't gone anywhere. The results of your work
are sitting in your spiritual bank account, gathering interest
and attracting the events you desire.

Get happy enough about that bank account and the magic will flood
into your life. So if the Universe is telling you to wait, wait
happily. Wait with active patience and, if you can manage it,
joy. The faster you get happy the faster the magic will happen.
Magic happens in the gaps between thought, between distractions,
between life events. Create a little gap between your daily
worries and watch the magic happen. Waiting can be the most
powerful ritual you may ever practice!
Copyright (c) Alan Joel and Stephanie Yeh 2007. All rights

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