Walking the Path
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One of the bigest problem with walking our paths is not every one understands  that out side there own world are many others. And most of the time if you are walking a true path you see the same thing as others just in a diffrent way. It is extreamly difficult to try to truely see through anothers eyes. Because of this a lot of people ignore anothers visons or feel that they are above what another says they see. If we are to walk a path united and help others to see a lite for them selves we need to look through our brothes and sisters eyes. We should not let our selves fall into the games that others are playing or the traps they set. We should not allow our selves to be swayed off our path because anothers seems easier.
We are all wonderfull as we are. So we need to know that we are good. Not allow a nothers words in a momnet or state of weekness bind us to a bad action. Even if you might not like the action does it mean we do not like the person. No We all MAKE MISTAKES. It is part of being in a human form and life. We need to grow past a fault of our own or anothers. You never know when you will need that friend or that they are realy trying to show us somthing we can not see. ( but do not be blinded. )