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The Suit of Swords from Two to Ten

Two of Swords - The need to choose between two alternatives. Being blindfolded to the truth will only create stagnation.  Resolution of emotional conflicts will help you in making a clear decision. If you have been hurt in a relationship, be kind to yourself and allow yourself time for healing and learning from the experience.  Not the best time to rush into another relationship. Try to combine thoughts and emotions in decisions. Face your fears so that you can understand what circumstances are trying to teach you.

Three of Swords - Heartache, grief, strong disappointment and a broken heart. Can indicate pain and suffering within a relationship.  Accept and don't fight what life is handing you at this time, remember that this will pass and needs to be experienced honestly and not suppressed.

Four of Swords - A need for rest,  recreation and recovery from emotional or physical problems.  Take time out in order to reflect, meditate and refresh yourself.  You may feel a need to spend time alone. Put some thought into improving your lifestyle in regard to health.

Five of Swords - Tension, conflicts and arguments. Conflict could be on an inner level or with people around you. This card indicates that someone comes out on top, but only through brute force or manipulation.  A satisfactory conclusion to the matter will only come when all parties are able to have their say and each one really listens to the other. A need for clear communication. This card can also represent the defeat and destruction of a negative behaviour pattern in the inquirers life. Could suggest that you have simply taken on too much and are not coping well with the added responsibility.

Six of Swords - A difficult cycle coming to an end.  Moving from rough into smooth waters. You will be taking some of your old beliefs and thoughts with you, to let go of them at this time would be too much, there will be a slow letting go of the past.  You have learnt from lifes trials and have peace of mind.  Can indicate overseas travel.

Seven of Swords -  New ideas, plans, and goals are in the air. If you are not getting the rewards out of life that you think you should, become more adaptable and be open to new ways of achieving your goals. Never give up. This card carries a warning that there could is a hint of dishonesty or deception around you at this time.

Eight of Swords - Feelings of restriction, confusion and anxiety. Fear of making a decision in case of hurting another. Although you are blindfolded, tied up and surrounded by swords, your feet are free to walk out of this situation whenever you like. The number of this card is 8 which represents strength and courage so you will have inner reserves to carry you through. Examine your inner beliefs as it is these that bind you. For the way out follow your intuition.

Nine of Swords - The worry card. Can indicate anxiety, sadness and sleeplessness. You maybe experiencing strong dreams, listen to them as your subconscious is trying to tell you something.  It would be wise to ground yourself by getting close to nature, spend some time out in the countryside or near the sea. Always look at the surrounding cards to get the whole picture, with the 9 of Swords appearing alongside Pentacles the worry could be about money; or with Cups worry about a relationship  alongside Wands cards could be worry about work, career and change.

Ten of Swords - The end of a situation.  Something in your life is over and acceptance of this will allow new things to replace what has gone. Change is difficult, but we do cope, and come through the experience more positive and capable. The sun is rising on the horizon with the hope of new and better things to come.



The Suit of Pentacles from Two to Tens

Two of  Pentacles - Decisions between two alternatives. We maybe juggling finances, robbing Peter to pay Paul so to speak.
Be prepared to take risks and act when opportunities are presented.

Three of Pentacles -  Recognition of talents and early success.  You are being admired for your work but there is still more work to be done.  Success comes through hard work and effort.  This card also indicates success in exams, business and personal affairs. A good time for home renovations.

Four of Pentacles - Holding onto money and material things.  Indicates a time to save money and pay off debts. Keeping a good eye on money coming in and going out.  Suggests a good time to invest money. You must however, be careful not to become too miserly and remember to be a little generous to yourself and those around you.

Five of Pentacles -  Could be financial difficulties and struggle accompanied by loss of faith in oneself.  Can indicate unemployment or uninteresting work. A need to look inwards.  Family and friends are likely to be helpful at this time and offer emotional support. On a positive note their will be strengthening of character and relationships through riding out tough times and being able to adapt to changing conditions.

Six of Pentacles - Indicates a stable financial situation.  You may give or receive generously.  Any purchases or business transactions made now are likely to be sound.  In a relationship question this card can show one person has more control than the other within this relationship.

Seven of Pentacles - Growth comes through hard work.  Business opportunities may present themselves however, take your time and think them through before committing yourself either way. A time to think about where to invest what you have already earned. A card of steady progress.

Eight of Pentacles - Studying, developing new skills or learning a trade.  You may find a hobby developing into a career.  Perseverance and hard work is required.  Can suggest studying to broaden your expertise in whatever field you are already in.

Nine of Pentacles -  Contentment, happiness, safety and security.  Everything is going great and according to plans. You are now reaping the rewards of hard work. The home and work fronts are going well.  Can represent a retired person.  Can also indicate pregnancy if it appears with the Empress in the same spread.

Ten of Pentacles - A period of security, contentment and wealth. Family and family gatherings. Can suggest receiving an inheritance. Can suggest the need to make provisions for the family ie making a will, or investments which will benefit the family. Good energies in relation to moving house or putting extensions onto a present house. If you are involved in a legal case than the 10 of Pentacles with 6 of Pentacles in the same spread can suggest a payout in your favour.  If the 10 of Pentacles appears with 2 other 10's then the signing of contracts is likely.


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