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The Aces & their Meanings

Ace of Wands
Self discipline brings success. Has the energy and desire to put plans into action. Depicts ideas being formed and planing for future action. Clear skies for following through goals. You will have plenty of strength and physical energy. Travel and movement indicated. There will be few restrictions in following through with your plans. Can indicate the beginning of a relationship or the deepening of an existing one.

Ace of Cups
Feelings of emotional fulfilment and contentment. Open to new opportunities which could include a new relationship, a deeper commitment to an existing relationship, birth of child or new level of fulfilment. Positive for relationships. Either the start of a relationship or the deepening of an existing one. Can denote a relationship with someone is helping you to connect to your spiritual purpose.

Ace of Swords
Clear thinking brings success. Depicts plans put into place for future action. Clarity of thought, practical planning and clear focus on the desired goal. Spiritually it means that you can see through material things to the spiritual causes of events and the consequences of thoughts in the material world. A clear plan in knowing what you want from a relationship. Most likely you and your partner will share common interests and goals and you will be on the same wave length.

Ace of Pentacles
The start of a new project. The wise use of time, money and effort can bring rewards. In relation to career can suggest either a new career or a new stage in your career. With the wise handling of money, you should be able to cover your expenses.  Possibly the beginning of a relationship with someone to do with your work environment. Pursuing this relationship holds potential for material success and could lead to career opportunities or a business partnership.




The Suit of Wands from Two to Ten

Two of Wands - It is about decisions. The weighing up of alternatives in order to choose the best course of action. Decision prior to the action.

Three of Wands - Putting plans into action and looking out for new opportunities. Travel is likely.

Four of Wands - The act of making your plans a reality. Suggests romance and compatibility. You maybe moving house or changing jobs.

Five of Wands - There is outer struggle and conflict, people are not working together. Inner struggle from too many demands on your time and energy. Things are not going to run smoothly for a while and there will be delays.

Six of Wands - You will rise above your problems and victory is yours. You have put in the work and now will reap the rewards. You may be congratulated by others for your achievements. Can indicate success in exams. Being confident about life.

Seven of Wands - The message here is ďDonít give upĒ. Continue on even if life seems hard at the moment because you will succeed.

Eight of Wands - Anxieties will reduce and there is much free flowing energy around you. Things are going to speed up and you will be enthusiastic having lots of energy. A good time to pursue romantic interests. Likely travel or news from overseas. Donít rush into new business ventures just now.

Nine of Wands - Time of reassessment, and like a tree to prune back the dead branches, those things that you no longer need in your life. A feeling of caution in regard to relationships a need to release past hurts from previous relationships. Weigh up your commitment to your present relationship. Keep an eye out for things going on behind your back.

Ten of Wands - Over burdened. Responsiblities and lifeís pressures are weighing heavily on you. You feel like you are running around and getting nowhere. It is time to lighten your load, either by delegating some of this load by asking other people who can help or cutting back on some of your commitments. Be careful of overconcern for others at this time.



The Suit of Cups from Two to Ten

Two of Cups - A card of harmony, stability, sharing and co-operation. Describes a good friendship, partnership or romantic relationship where there is equality and trust. Can suggest marriage or deepening of a relationship. In relation to a business partnership indicates there would be equal benefits for both sides. If there has been a rift between two people than this card can suggest that problems will be healed and peace restored.

Three of Cups - Resolution of problems, have faith, everything is going to turn out well in the end. A card of social gatherings ie weddings, parties, reunions, family get togethers etc. This card brings stong healings energies for body, mind and spirit.

Four of Cups - Indicates a need to connect with the spiritual or inner self.  Feelings of disatisfaction and sometimes depression especially in regard to relationships.  A need to stay connected with friends and interests. Don't let despondency blind you to opportunities being presented. Use this time wisely to think things through.

Five of Cups - Feelings of sadness and loss.  You maybe feeling separated from life at the moment.  Don't fight it, go with it and experience it, for in so doing you are opening the way for new opportunities to come to you. By facing your fears you can turn them from monsters into soft fluffy kittens.  Release old hurts in order to move on. There will be help from a friend or spiritual guide.

Six of Cups - Feelings of safety and security in the home. A stong card for nostalgia, either thinking about things from the past or visiting places from your past, maybe even old talents resurfacing which can be put to good use. You may run into an old friend.  Although we can glimpse the past, it is wise to put the past behind us and move forward with hope.

Seven of Cups - Too many choices and difficulty in making decisions. To make realistic choices the suggestion is to go within to find what it is that you really want. The realisation that to love other people, you must first learn to love yourself.  Daydreaming is fine in it's place but we can't escape from reality forever.

Eight of Cups - Searching for deeper meaning in life. A realisation that there is more to life than what you are presently experiencing. Retreat from being emotionally drained.  A need to let something or someone go. Look within. There will be much courage and strength available to you.

Nine of Cups - The wish card. Your wish will come true. Foretells happiness, contentment and peace. You are feeling happy and fulfilled in all areas of your life.  Very pleased with yourself. Favourable for business. Possibly a marriage to someone older. You are using what you have learnt in life wisely.

Ten of Cups - The card of home and family, harmony, peace and happiness.  Contentment within a family or work situation or both of these. Working together, sharing, equality, giving and receiving. Although committed to each other in a relationship there is still freedom for separate interests and friends outside of this relationship.  Indication of marriage especially if backed up by The Lovers. A birth in the family is possible.



The Suit of Swords from Two to Ten